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You have heard me mention open-source software in the past.  I have to say that the more I have used it, the more I have come to appreciate it.  I’m talking about GIMP and the like – such as Inkscape, Blender3d, and Scribus.

Inkscape has some very nice features – tiling, cloning, real-time path editing, bitmap tracing – you can have fun for hours and hours just farting around with it.  The graphic below was done in about 20 minutes of vector doodling.

Update #38:  Now I think Enas’ suggestions lead to something more like this…

We’re talking vector graphics, not bitmappers – truly smooth at all scales.

And for photo-editing, your GIMP may indeed lack some of the Photoshop bells and whistles but most all of my graphics are done by or at least kissed by GIMP at one point or another.

Blender3d, you just won’t find a renderer/modeler for a better price.  It has a learning curve to it, but anything worth having will, because unless it is a total pile of crap it (which it most certainly is not) hints at pure capability.  There are a number of good plugin renderers available as well – YAFRAY, Indigo, Luxrender – these I have played with and had varying levels of quality (directly proportional to the amount of time spent learning them, of course).

The one I haven’t tried in-depth is Scribus.  It looks to be seriously capable and has been used in desktop publishing to the extent of book publishing, so the promise is there.

I’m also an OpenOffice user.  I will say that there are some serious flaws (color palette related is a huge one) and the Excel clone will sometimes frustrate you to tears, but like the graphics packages also give you freedom from Microsoft and are available in multiple platforms.  Anything that competes with Microsoft helps keep things honest and boosts quality.


You know, if he honestly means everything he’s just said, I have to say I respect Stupak in spite of his Democratic leanings.  Nobody is perfect, but you can still respect the fact that they stand behind their ideals.

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A guest on Diane Rhem (NPR – our only unbiased source of news – just ask them!) uttered the words:  “Some people may have the notion that more government involvement in their lives may not be a universal good.”

<crickets chirp>

<crickets chirp more>

<crickets chirp, hiccup, vomit, choke on it, die>

Then a woman from somewhere e:mails in and says women on both sides of the abortion issue should be outraged that the issue is used politically [as in the case of health care reform.]

<crickets can’t chirp because they’re dead>

<John Edwards channels crickets, and they chirp in his voice>

The chasm between the thoughtful conservative and the emotional liberal or the calculating liberal is one so wide that not even education can bridge.  That’s my conclusion.  You’ve got it or you don’t.

Kind of hard to get fresh air when you’re huffing glue.  Bottled fresh air for city workers.

How unfair.  Someone should arrest these drug dealers for assault.

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