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[Warning:  Self-absorbed rambling ahead because I have nothing important to say.]

It’s no secret I love the show House M.D.

Last week was one of the best.

In my view the best was the episode that explains how House lost his leg, called Three Stories.

Second best is the Cuckoo’s Nest episode at the beginning of this season.

Third best was an episode titled Four Rooms where a rape victim crawls inside House’s head.

But this week’s episode, one of the best lines ever now has a special spot in my workplaceWilson (aka The Dude) is guaranteed to bust out laughing when I say:

Look for that quote to appear on t-shirts, soon.  Along with…

  • “She discovered he was part stag…but ALL MAN!”
  • “The nymphs taught me secrets no man was meant to know!”
  • “His touch released the pagan ecstasy in a lover’s soul.”
  • “He was a wild love-god in a world grown too tame.”

And I’ll own all five.

In terms of being a jerk, I’m probably the closest thing to House at my workplace.  Sheer brilliance, dashing rugged good looks, unshaven, arrogance, and sarcasm/causticity are my trademarks.  It also kind of means I’m an asshole.

One of my favoritest quotes ever is:

Arrogance has to be earned.  Tell me what you did to earn yours.

Since Wilson and I share the same first names, calling us by character names from our favorite show isn’t totally inappropriate.

Son of Hot Mom*, a young co-worker at my workplace, came into an office where I was talking with another engineer this week.  He hands me the requisition for stuff I asked him to order.  I look at it and said “Gee, that is a lot more expensive than the price listed in my catalogue.”

He looks at me and says “I only get prices online.  I don’t use catalogues because they are old and outdated like you.

I looked at him with my patented “Oh You’re In Trouble Now” smile and said “Congratulations, you have just graduated into the major leagues where you will be exposed to the full brunt of my caustic sarcasm.”

This is going to be fun.

*  The original name I chose for him was deemed by Wilson to be a tad too offensive for our young mama’s boy so I changed it from ___ to Hot Mom.   God knows he might read this and I need to not go overboard with him just yet.  So… SHHHH!  Don’t tell him!  Quick, everyone look natural.

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