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Wiccapundit and Aggie were the straws that crushed the camel’s back.  I’ve been not-doing anything for so long that… well, I started to think about the House quote that Aggie was asking about last night:

Hope is for Sissies.

In the context it was uttered, it meant if you avoid risk and just whine about life, holding out hope that something might be true and never having the guts to try, you’re a sissy.

So I’m throwing art up on Zazzle and seeing if Wiccapundit was right:

Can I really make tens of dollars?

So as Mel Brooks said:

Merchandising!  It’s all about MERCHANDISING!!!

(just to see if anyone is paying attention)

****This morning’s now-outdated posting****

A.  Magnificent. Pagan. God.

At least so says Wiccapundit.

Wp says that I should put some stuff on Zazzle, Aggie is saying this other place I can’t remember, and several folks have said they wanted this or that.

So… the big question goes out – who wants what put up and I’ll give it a shot.

Wiccapundit says I could make tens of dollars.  Like, wow!  Now I’ll be able to afford my kid’s allowance.

Know what I want more?  I want Cruel Wife to get home with my pain meds.  She picked them up last night for me and has them somewhere.

Update:  She is on her way home, with them in her purse.  Groovy.

  1. Damn I’m sick of this neck thing.
  2. Thank God.
  3. Ow.

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