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Trifles Today

Stolen from Aggie at Hookers and Booze who stole it from Logistics Monster.

And here’s an unhappy little girl…


I do NOT support violence against the dems and especially condemn threats against their families, but what did they expect?  That the country, after saying many many times we were not interested in this and watching the dems do all but break the law to force the issue, would just go “Hey Okay!  Hopesy-Changey!  All right!  Thanks guys!  Thank you for giving us what you know is better for us than we do!”???

“Clearly our democracy is about participation. Our democracy is about differing and debate, and animated debate and passionate debate — but it is not about violence,” [Steny Hoyer] added.

Well, it’s about participation unless we democrats see something we can’t pass by the rules any other way, in which case we’ll NOT debate and we WON’T allow participation – it just gets in the way of our agenda.

So sayeth the dems but in not so many words.  NOW they’re all about participation, bipartisanship, fair play – they got what they wanted.  At least until they tackle their next agenda item – Global Domination Warming Legislation.

Update:  I STILL don’t advocate violence, but Pelosi is starting to test me sorely.

Pelosi: Health Reform “Model” For Future Reform Efforts

If this kind of thinking gets any traction and doesn’t trigger a huge political backblast then we Tea Party’ers need to get MUCH more vocal.


My co-workers, including Son of Hot Mom, have found this item that showed up in my mailbox to be the height of humor.  Specifically because the goal of the workshop is the furthest thing away from what they think of when they think “Lemur King”.

I have thoughts.  I have clarity.  I have diplomacy, tact, and professionalism.  Well, I had them one day back in 2002.

Those cretins just don’t understand the concept of “earned arrogance” and “right is might”.   Losers.

Note:  I was being theatrical.  I’m not so overtly arrogant.

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