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Michigan has it’s share of militias – when I first heard of an FBI raid of a militia group I thought of the Michigan Militia but supposedly they weren’t involved.

But there are other organizations of people just as extreme – the one raided goes by the name Hutaree.

When I think of a militia member, I think of this:

Wait.  No, that’s not right.  Not right at all.

THIS is what I think about – a thundering troglodyte.

Yes, I know that this country was founded by patriots that could be loosely (very loosely) be called a militia, but we’re talking orders of magnitude in caliber of people, I’m afraid.


Useless Fact of the Day: Le Petit Singly is a small farm in France, which makes cheese from donated human breast milk. The proprietors claim that it is rich in vitamins and has a slight taste of hazelnut.

Maybe it’s a hoax, but even the fact that someone claims it and it’s a known hoax is pretty damn useless.

How about Rat Cheese?

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