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Update for Tuesday… Good thing Obama is a Uniter.  Otherwise his behavior would be worrisome.


Pat Sajak (I didn’t know he was conservative…) wrote a piece that observes how those who disagree with Obama’s health care are labeled racist misogynistic homophobes.

I had no idea that I was such a bastard.  I guess that is the nature of racism – it’s really really subtle.

Note:  If you can’t recognize the caustic sarcasm there, you need to just hit the “back” button on your browser and go somewhere else.

We knew that would be a problem before Obama even got word of winning the presidency.  We knew it’d be an issue as soon as he ran.  To express a contrary opinion automatically means you are racist.


Awww… talk about tragic.

Robert Goldenkoff, the director of strategic issues for the Government Accountability Office (GAO), told CNSNews.com that “an estimated “50 million housing units out of a mail-out universe of about 120 million” will be non-respondents that will require an in-person follow-up to count.  – http://cnsnews.com/news/article/63380

It’s not just technology.

What they skirt around is the 50+ million people who are kind of pissed off at the government and aren’t exactly running out to do their bidding.

I understand that perfectly.

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