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cbullitt over at Soylent Green came to me with a graphics idea earlier this week and I’ve been devoting a few hours a night to it.  Eco-bucks in 1 Billion dollar denominations.

See, this is a good thing, because I’m so burned out work-wise that while my brain works and all (techno-whoring isn’t that hard once the ball gets rolling) I still am unable to generate new graphics ideas.

I sure hope it cools down soon.  In the meantime, mosey on over there and tell me what you think of the new UN/IPCC/Obama/WeatherWhiner Eco-bucks currency.


Proud of this guy, and by association damn proud to be an American – this guy is something else.

Marine re-enlists – blind double-amputee.

Unlike Michele Obama, I was proud to be an American before, but this is frosting on the cake.


Everyone has a price.

Some sell their bodies.  Some sell their brains.  Some sell time and other sell skill.  Some do all the aforementioned.  I fall into that category under loose definitions.   I’m a techno-whore.

But this lady… she had a price, too.  It’s obvious that her pride had a monetary value and could be bought.

I can only pray that my children choose something more honorable like drug dealing, practicing law, or excrement collector at the zoo.

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