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The Dude/Wilson sent me word of a great discovery.

Makes me happy.  My world is a bit more upright.

Snake Plissken is a Libertarian.   Sweet.

Please don’t ask me who Snake Plissken is if you don’t know.  Just go rent Escape from New York.  Make some popcorn.  Watch the movie.


Y’all know I’m a chilihead.  I am not, however, an imbecile.  An imbecile is this guy.

Filming about ten minutes of yourself after you have just eaten a Bhut Jolokia pepper – a large one.  Whole.

They ought to do an audio recording of him in a few hours when the thing passes clear through his alimentary canal.


Fond of lemurs, I am.  But Slow Loris critters are right up there, too.  Note – they are NOT lemurs, but you’d think so when looking at their eyes.  Simply put, they are primates just like Lemurs, they’re of the same order but not the same infraorder.



Just doesn’t get much odder than this.


1)  I want to do this – prank a cat owner.

2) I never want to do this.  And by “do” I mean ingest it.

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