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NY Times is pretty picky about what they leak.  If it is about global warming, they keep it under wraps.

But if it is about intelligence operatives undercover who are protecting our troops, they publish it, damn the consequences because the public has a right to know.

Global Warming though, that’s serious and can’t be released.

God-damned liberals.

Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard said this LAST YEAR…

This is the position of the New York Times when given the chance to publish sensitive information that might hinder the liberal agenda. Of course, when the choice is between publishing classified information that might endanger the lives of U.S. troops in the field or intelligence programs vital to national security, that information is published without hesitation by the nation’s paper of record. But in this case — the documents were “never intended for the public eye,” so the New York Times will take a pass.


Looking at stuff on Drudge.  The first one is fascinating.   The item called “Coincidence?”… gee, no kidding?


Ok, some students got ahold of some documents after a tip that staff were shredding documents.

I don’t mind whistleblowers if two conditions are met:  1) something was done that was wrong/illegal, and 2) they are honest and truthful.

A document fished out of a California state university trash bin last week has prompted a state investigation into the university’s foundation arm and its refusal to disclose details related to Sarah Palin’s upcoming speech at the school.

[snip]Brown’s investigation was prompted, in part, by a group of CSU Stanislaus students who retrieved five pages of the contract from a campus trash bin last Friday after hearing administrators were engaged in shredding documents.

So why hasn’t the AP asked the obvious question?  The obvious question is – how is it that they managed to find (supposedly) damning documents about Sarah Palin’s contract to make a speech there IF THEY WERE TIPPED OFF ABOUT DOCUMENT SHREDDING?  If someone was shredding documents they wouldn’t have put those out there in unshredded form.

Regarding the excerpt of Palin’s contract, [Russell Giambelluca, the university’s vice president of business and finance] said: “I find it interesting that among shredded documents you find one that’s completely intact related to the contract.”

Good observation!

Alicia Lewis, 26, was one of the students who went to investigate. The building was locked and gated, but the students were able to retrieve piles of paperwork, including the contract document, from a nearby trash bin, Lewis said.


Lewis and another student, Ashli Briggs, traveled to Sacramento Tuesday to give Brown office material they said had been thrown out, including two boxes of documents and two trash bags filled with shredded files.

“This is our little Watergate in the state of California,” [state Sen. Leland Yee] said Tuesday.

It sure is your little Watergate – except you did the breaking and entering you idiots.  I won’t buy for a second that you found the documents intact in a pile of other shredded documents.


Pr0n for the blind… surprised it took so long, actually.


Time to institute punishment such as caning.

Villalobos is accused of repeatedly flashing a green laser light at National Guard Air 1 helicopter, which blinded the pilot causing him difficulty in flying the air craft.

On the ground, a Camden police unit responded to the corner of Alabama Road and Congress Road and located Villalobos sitting inside a red Dodge minivan. Police approached Villalobos, who admitted to being the person flashing the laser light at the helicopter, saying that he thought it had been a news helicopter.

Oh, well that would have been ok, then.

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