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Wow, hysteria taken from a different tack.

Potentially deadly fungus spreading in US, Canada

21 Americans have gotten it in four years.  25% mortality.

Oh dear.  Let’s see what we get if we use rough numbers… 25 out of say… 25 million… that is 0.0001%  Cripes, even if you use 250,000 people that’s still only 0.01%.

And Reuter’s subtitle?

Climate change may aid its spread

Oh for the love of Dog.  Are we such pussies that we’ve lost all connection to reality?  Let’s talk the Spanish Flu if we want to talk about something scary.


I’m a frickin’ genius then.

VIOLENT videogames like Call of Duty and Resident Evil can make you smarter, new research suggests. The Sun reported the study said shoot-to-kill videogames improved quick-thinking and made players more able to cope with the demands of modern life.

It refutes claims videogames turn teenagers into violent criminals – and argues parents should encourage their kids to enjoy a bit of virtual blood-and-guts.

I’m a hell of a lot less violent than a large number of religion-of-peace followers offended by a cartoon of Mohammed with a bomb in his hair.


Here’s a guy who is such a sad sack of sh*t it’s not even worth beating him up.

An Army veteran who prosecutors say bilked the U.S. government by faking paralysis to get disability benefits and avoid being deployed to Iraq was sentenced Friday to 6 1/2 years in prison and ordered to repay more than $300,000.

Jeffrey Rush, 27, apologized at times tearfully to U.S. District Judge William Stiehl, who handed down the prison term prosecutors had requested.

“I hope you will use the time in prison to learn to conduct yourself in an honest way once you are out,” Stiehl, 84, told Rush, who stood straight in his cream-colored suit, yellow shirt and striped tie.

I rather wish he’d been tried in a military court because that’s who he’s offended/wronged the most but I confess I don’t know how these situations work.  What a slap to the guys and gals who are doing what is right.


Almost as ridiculous as crying over the death of a tree… Bertha Lewis demonizes Tea Party people.  Yes.  Yes, that’s right… we’re all drooling rabid racists.  That’s it, Bertha.  You’ve figured us out – we are so transparent.

This, coming from a woman whose only use for me is a source of money for her and like-minded people – that’s the only use she has for me because she’s deemed that since I believe in the need for change in government that I’m a racist.

This is not rhetoric or hyperbole — this is real,” Lewis said. “This rise of this Tea Party so-called movement — bowel movement in my estimation — and this blatant uncovering and ripping off the mask of racism.  – ACORN’s Bertha Lewis

I love this part…

During the address, Lewis praised the group’s members for calling themselves socialists, and warned that undefined forces are plotting their doom.

Undefined forces?  Doesn’t she mean the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

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