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Update:   I finally had the last straw with Firefox.  For some reason they’ve had v3.6 out for some time and not done a thing to fix an issue with Google Gears and WordPress.  Blogging has been a huge festering boil on the figurative ass of the blogging world.

So I’m trying out Flock, which is Firefox based but seems to not have some of the most annoying features of Firefox.  It also seems a bit more tailored to be of use to a blogger.  So far I like what I see – I’ll keep you posted.

Damn Firefox.

Supplemental update:  If you blog, you will want to at least try Flock.  It has an external (read: Not WordPress’) editor, and it rocks.  You then hit a button when you are done and it posts your blog entry for you.  Oh so nice.


Had another radiofrequency neurotomy done today.  C2-C6 – I basically asked the doc to do most of the right side because I’m rather tired of going in for one region at a time.  It means more pain over a larger area, but it gets it done in fewer trips.

Prior to the procedure my doc comes in and says “Well, I’m now a member of the group.”   He had a herniated disk and was experiencing his own pain.  I told him that at least he was in a good place where the partners in his practice could treat him.   His response?   “Oh I don’t trust anyone here to work on me.”    Oh, sure, doc… way to instill confidence…

For whatever reason, it seems to take longer for me to recover from the procedure but the nerves also regenerate faster for me.  They should stay deader for longer each time a region is done.

Two vicodin and a muscle relaxant later, I’m still smarting. It is like having Freddy Krueger mucking about in your neck but using pieces of sharpened rebar instead of razor-sharp knives.  I am very loopy right now and am having to re-type everything.

Months ago I had the second one done for the C5-C7 region (left side) and it helped very much to reduce the number of flareups in that region.

Here’s to hoping that it heals up before we go on vacation.  The last procedure took about 3 to 3-1/2 weeks before they died (half the time of the first one in that region).  If there’s an end in sight it is much easier to tolerate pain.  If it is long and drawn out and there is no end in sight, that is the hardest thing to deal with.

I am also hoping that I can contemplate getting on my bicycle this summer. Start out slow and see if it can be done.

Speaking of discomfort, at last there seems to be a politician with guts. Good on ya, Gov… good luck.

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