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Slept around 5:30.  Got up just before 10am.   Drugged again.   Neck is there and telling me it is not happy with me.

update:  Nor am I happy with my neck, the goshdamned thing.  But I’m eating lots of chilies to keep the endorphine level high and icing my neck on top of meds, so I should be ok.

I stole this graphic from a guy who stole it from a guy…

McGoo stole it from Exurban Jon. I'm stealing it back as a favor to Jon. That darned McGoo...


I love dogs.  I love cats, too (got a ton of recipes for them).  But dogs I like because they just love to be with us.

They can do many cool things, too.

This is a teaser to get you to go look at the other dogs in that link above.

I don’t think I’ve ever pet my chihuahuas and had them end up like this.


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