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Update Sat. 6:30pm.

Still here.  Increased pain again.  Going to call the doc about this – it is beyond ridiculous.  Who knows what is going on?


Update: Sat. 1pm

Up.  Got to sleep at 6am. Slept until 5 minutes ago.

Cruel Wife is sick.  I’m out of commission and the kids are healthy as really mischievous horses.  So, Aggie… would you come up and borrow the children temporarily?  I know the south is a long way to come from to get to Michigan, but, wouldja?


Update:  3:19AM  Still feel like freeze-dried dog barf.

I’ve asked Cruel Wife three times today for “a suicide pill with a mild laxative side-effect” and she tells me every time that we’re fresh out, that she took the last one.  Whatever happened to the marriage vows of “Love, honor, obey, and don’t-take-the-last-suicide-pill-with-the-mild-laxative-side-effect”?

I guess I’ll just have to live with 1 out of 4, right?


Thank GOD for painkillers.  I’ve been at a 7-8 on the pain scale for a while now and through a miraculous combination of vicodin, ibuprofen, and -yes- benadryl, I am able to sit here in my chair with ice on my neck and type this.

If it had gotten any worse I’d have asked Cruel Wife to drive me to the hospital.  When she hears me say “I’d kill for dilaudid right now” she knows to be concerned because it is bad.

I’m not comfortable, not by a long shot, but the sharp jaggy broken-shards-of-glass edges are taken off.

So no graphics today.  I have been working on a North Korean cookbook cover but it’ll have to wait a day.

I’ll talk at y’all tomorrow.  I’m going to sleep if I can.

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