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Update is down below, with pics as promised…

Just got back from the World Steam Expo in Dearborn.

It was fun although it might have been funner w/o Frankenboy destroying one exhibitor’s electronic picture frame and both kids bouncing around like ping pong balls.  It was hard to herd kids and see the stuff there on display while trying not to scream every time my neck twinged.  Update on that is that I think we’re in the “little f***ers are dying” stage – a period as short as three days and as long as five days where pain levels spike and peg for a while.  It’s just the way it works for me, I’m afraid.

I’ll write more later but I noticed:  Some nice people, some real creatures (“people”), some rather -uh- well-endowed corset-stuffing, and no less than three people carrying baggies of various grades of pot.  I have a sensitive nose.  Very sensitive.  Two were… meh.  One was top-shelf “I think I just saw God” quality – I know this because the stuff was so sticky that the scent molecules are still attached to my olfactory receptors.  I saw a leather trenchcoat that I want.  I want bad.  Hurting bad.  But, with kids, I can’t justify $450.


Updated:  Here is the Highwayman jacket/trenchcoat type jacket thing that I’d still eat a set of tires for.

I will do another post tomorrow showing a few of my favorite artists from the show.

Here is a goody that I bought – a business card casewww.frenzyuniverse.com

I'm only putting the pic up with the text running through it so you'll see that it is cool and visit their site. Cool stuff, very nice folks.


Cruel Wife did a costume that was a very faithful representation of one of the Girl Genius characters, Sleipnir O’Hara.  Do NOT ask me how to pronounce it.  Can’t even spell it and had her e:mail me so I could cut/paste it in.

Cruel Wife and Zoe Pup. CW went as Girl Genius character Sleipnir O'Hara. Faces have been masked to maintain privacy.

Zoe, if you wondered, is an English Shepherd, quick of foot and mind, and is totally my dog.  Zoe is also a camera hound.

Cruel Wife (middle), the kidlets, and the creators of Girl Genius comics. Again, I respect their privacy.

Next is a picture of Lola the Lemur – She works for Singing Lemur Jewelry as a consultant.  Lola’s co-worker Rollande is a very nice lady indeed.

Next was a shirt that I just plain loved.  It was just that good.

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