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DOROTHY RABINOWITZ – appears to be scornful of the big O.  So I looked for her older stuff.  Seems to me like she always was.  This shouldn’t be and isn’t a shock.

But there’s a lot of worshippers dropping him like like a hot potato.


I am deriving so much enjoyment from the disillusionment of so many, who actually bought the bullsh*t he was shoveling.  It ought to be illegal.

Ellsberg: Take Obama’s explicit pledge in his State of the Union speech to remove “all” United States troops from Iraq by the end of 2011. That’s a total lie. I believe that’s totally false. I believe he knows that’s totally false. It won’t be done. I expect that the US will have, indefinitely, a residual force of at least 30,000 US troops in Iraq.

Of COURSE it was totally false, you idiot.  It can’t be done, that’s why.

Obama has discovered that while it is really easy to take a liberal “rainbows and unicorns” wish-think approach when talking during a group-psychosis encounter, when you actually get in office and have to face the realities… it sucks, and you find that what previous presidents had to do was largely out of their hands.

Oh sure, we’ll pull of of Afghanistan immediately.  Really?  And there’s no consequences to that?  Really?  Ok.  Prove it.

Wait until health care follows after Globular Worming – when the realities hit home and the spells of the liberal wish-it-was fever die down.

More non-shocking news.  Bernanke warns of “unsustainable debt”.

Really?  We needed a financial wizard to spell this out?


You bet fire her butt.  I bet she was fixin’ to fornicate again, too.

Why is this news?  Why can’t an employer hold employees accountable to standards?   Sure I think this one is pretty close to that grey area if not actually in the grey area.   There are other examples, such as a church-run hospital that doesn’t want to perform abortions.

If I’m caught pulling a Hugh Grant and it’s all over the newspapers, wouldn’t you think that my employer might have the right to say I’m not who they want representing them to customers?

I’m balking a bit on the only three weeks dif between actual and predicted… they aren’t that exact about how far along a kid is when they discover you are preggers are they?

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