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Years ago I saw this skit by Eddie Murphy and laughed my ass off.

Eddie Murphy – Undercover in White America

I seriously wonder if some folks don’t actually think this is true.


Arizona Immigration Law Appears to be Driving Hispanics Out of State.

Gee, that seems to be the point.  Rather, it was the point to drive out the illegal ones.  The only reason you’re going to be pissy is if you have family, friends, or are an illegal yourself.

If you are here legally, one would think you’d be kind of pissed at those who flaunt the law, don’t pay taxes, and take money and send it home.

We’re talking about a law that is trying to keep the state from having it’s back broken financially.


curtalfriar and I were both looking at a top 100 list for movies.

Yes, I know lists like that are as common as cats and not even worth as much as cats but it’s kind of fun.

He brought up the very same issue I had which is “How the hell do you rank them?”

Ranking in a list form is difficult… very much so.

A while back I ran into some software called FreeMind.  It is free (read: a price you can’t refuse).  I actually like it better than the commercial program below, Mind Mapper.

Then there is a pay-for-it program (read: not-free) called MindMapper.

There’s also a site that is no longer maintained but has interesting links to other software of this type, here.

Thank God France is on top of this.

Anakin Skywalker’s transformation into Darth Vader in Star Wars was the result of a borderline personality disorder, according to a new study by French psychiatrists.

In a letter titled “Is Anakin Skywalker suffering from borderline personality disorder?” — which will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychiatry Research — Eric Bui, a psychiatrist at Toulouse University Hospital, and his team state that Skywalker exhibited six out of the nine borderline-personality-disorder criteria as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, ABC News reports. The minimum for a diagnosis is five.

I’m especially happy that Fox News was here to report this.  It has a number of consequences with respect to our economic recovery and our sociopolitical landscape.

Dissociative events, such as when Skywalker killed a tribe of Tuskans, triggered his descent to the dark side.

Some time on the couch may have helped the fallen Jedi knight, Bui says. “I believe that psychotherapy would have helped Anakin and might have prevented him from turning to the dark side,” he writes. “Using the dark side of the Force could be considered as similar to drug use: it feels really good when you use it, it alters your consciousness and you know you shouldn’t do it.

I’m not sure that Darth Vader is the only one that could benefit from some time on the couch.  The researchers and the reviewers at Fox could use some analysis.

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