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Out of Touch

Update:  For the record, I support Etheridge on this one.  Michael Moore style cornering and harassment ought to lead to an ass-kicking.  It is a free country after all.  Hey, free ass-kicking over here!

Problem I have is that there’s a large number of reporters that feel like they fall outside of the sphere of common courtesy to get their story.  Cold-interviews on the street don’t cut it.  “We’re just here for a project” and “we’re just students” are little asshole responses.

Yes, the kid has a right to file assault charges – but if he does he’s a weenie.  He wasn’t assaulted in the classick sense in the least.  He got inside this guy’s personal space and should accept responsibility.  Assault is bloody noses, broken fingers, missing teeth, baseball bats, cracked ribs.


You might think this post is about Obama based on the title.

No, Barry-O was never in touch in the first place.

I will be away from the blog mostly entirely for a week.  Queen’s business and all.

So when I get back we can catch up again.  There will be lots of stuff to share by then – what is unclassified, that is.


Oh, yes, parting shot.

So Afghanistan has a buttload of minerals that no one knew was there.  Some people are saying it could make it a wealthy country.

The previously unknown deposits of iron, copper, cobalt and gold are so large that it could transform the impoverished nation into one of the world’s important mining centers, The New York Times first reported late Sunday on its web site.

You know what I predict?  Gonna make some people really wealthy and the rest will still be dirt-friggin’ poor.  Just like Nigeria or any other poor country that suddenly discovered it had natural resources.


This is interesting.  If someone wants to claim that a state rep hopeful may not be mentally competent to run for office, then how the hell did Obama squeak by?  Anyway it appears to be hurting Rep. Clyburn’s feelings.  Only the democrats are allowed to do sneaky things – votes on weekends, over Christmas, closed deliberations.

But South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, the House majority whip, said he could reach no conclusion except that Greene is a plant.

“I never said he was a Republican plant. I said he was someone’s plant. … I saw the patterns in this. I know a Democratic pattern, I know a Republican pattern and I saw in the Democratic primary elephant dung all over the place,” he told CNN.

“I never said he was a Rebublican plant… [but] I know a republican pattern and I saw … elephant dung all over the place.”  Geez Clyburn, have the guts to say what you mean without the dancing.  Come on out and say it.

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