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I Have Weturned.

Tech Update thanks to alert co-worker Black Lab on Crank.

It can blind you instantly if not quicker.  A blue lightsaber laserThat’s 1W at 445nm.  Beautiful blue.  Even working in a high power laser lab that wasn’t a wavelength you saw very often, and certainly nowhere near that bright.

Niiiiice.  That’s what you should look for (if you are still able) in a toy.


It has been a long week of moving my father out of his home.  Four of us siblings and our spouses worked four long and solid days.

I got to the point where I said “I’m going to hurt anyway, so I might as well make it worth it.”

Goddamn I hurt.  I can’t wait to go back to work so I can rest up.

So sorry for being out of touch, but it was necessary.


Girlhead is 7-ish now.  When we were at my father’s I thought to myself and said to myself, “Self, we must teach Girlhead how to shoot a rifle – she is of the proper age.”

At first she was a bit nervous despite wanting to learn and even after bugging me all week long.  She could not understand that I wished to wait until there were lot fewer people around.  She also could not understand that I was dyin’ to teach her and looking forward to it more than she was.

Sunday morning the only people left were us, my father, and my sister and her kids.  So we broke out the weapons.

Every good story should start with “we broke out the weapons”.

I got my pellet gun ready so she could get the idea of what a gun is about.  Once we fired that a few times she was more comfortable with the idea of reaching out and touching something.

So then we got out the Ruger 10-.22 carbine with a scope on it.  I walked her through the steps – load the clip (her fingers aren’t strong enough to fully load it yet but she was able to load the first round every time), pop the clip in, lever one in, safety off, sight the target, aim, slight holding of breath, and squeeeeeze the trigger.

By this point she had a group of eight in a 5-6 inch circle at 25 yards, which is pretty good for a first-time shooter aged 7-ish.  Her Granddad came out and looked at her first grouping and said “You’d have gotten yourself a rabbit!”

Girlhead looked a bit startled by the whole rabbit idea, so I rubbed my belly, licked my lips, and said “Them’s good eatin’.  But it could have been a number of different critters… a rabbit, a squirrel, a squeak, skunk, raccoon, or a bird if it was legal.”  Once she understood that varmintin’ for food or utilitarian purposes such as pest control is ok, it wasn’t a problem anymore.

After hitting paper targets for a while I got a Campbell’s soup can and filled it with water.  She said “I can’t hit that.”

I said “Sure you can – you are already a good shot!”

So she took aim.  The first shot was a tad high but on the next shot and then the six shots following that – hit the can every time.  My chest was nearly bursting with pride.

Brother-in-law went inside and said to Cruel Wife:  “Yep, she’s your daughter.”

Many years ago, after a little bit of familiarization with the handgun, Cruel Wife was able to place six shots in the forehead (with a .357 magnum) of a political figure on the front of a Time magazine, instantly earning the respect of every hunting male in my family.  It helped that the politician was liberal as hell but it still required good aim and good form, especially given the weight of the magnum and the very small size of Cruel Wife.

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