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Update 2:

Cruel Wife and the kids are still out visiting her family 2000 miles away.

I figured out how to put it in words the surreal-ness of the house when they are not there.

Essentially I am hearing the echoes of the essences of the absent.  Noise without a sound.  A holographic wavefront imprinted in the structure of the home.

And here I thought I’d get some peace and quiet.  The universe is not without a perverse sense of humor.



One of the things I got while at my dad’s place was the old telephone hand-crank generator he had in his shop.  We used to wire that up to two long heavy-gauge wires in the middle of the night, push ’em into the ground, and crank for all we were worth until the worms came boiling out of the ground.  Then we went fishing.

Ah, the memories of childhood.  I’m not sure that it was much easier than using a shovel to dig for worms but it was more fun.

I was stupid enough to put my hand across the leads once.  Never did that again.


The White House issued a statement about McChrystal.  I think the general was an idiot.  Yes, it showed a lack of judgment.  What should be done about him?  Not my problem.

But the WH…

Gibbs just said parents of the more than 90,000 US troops in Afghaniatan need to be confident that the command structure — meaning McChrystal — is “capable and mature enough” for this mission.

What about a president that wants to “kick ass”?  Is that ok?   The American president flippantly says in an ego-boosting interview that he wants to kick ass – is that ok with everyone?   Is that considered mature?


I’m going to take the low road here.

Finally, an honest assessment of what the man has been shoveling, from one who would know best.

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