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I love Pulp Fiction.  Laconic pup sent me a link to youtube movie that is a compilation of all snippets where the world “****’ is used in the movie Pulp Fiction.  If you are at work or have little kids, only play this if you have headphones.

Who the hell posted this or sent it to me recently?  Who came up with it?   I can just see Hobbes saying:

I been saying that sh*t for years. And if you heard it, that meant your ass. I never gave much thought to what it meant. I just thought it was some cold-blooded shit to say to a motherf*cker ‘fore I plunged a tooth in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin’ made me think twice.


My son, who is four – named Frankenboy because his run-in with a several hundreds-of-pounds fountain last year that tried to crush his skull left him with a hell of a scar – has made me proud.

It all started when I brought home two bags of Doritos Second-Degree Burn chips.  I like them a lot.  They are not the most flavorful of chips but they have some flavor and I like them.  They are also hot enough that Cruel Wife won’t eat them ( based on the folks I know, she’s probably somewhere in the top 5 percentile in heat-tolerance) and Zoe-pup now fears them after eating half a bag one night.  To give you an idea, they don’t sell them in the big bags – they only sell them in single-serving bags.

I was sitting there with my fresh-made reuben sandwich – loaded with kraut, swiss cheese, dripping with dressing, and piled high with meat – and munching on these chips.

My boy was sitting to my left and I heard his little voice say “I want some chips, please.”

I said “No, buddy, these are hot and you wouldn’t like them.”

Just then I felt a puff of air on my hand as he was blowing on the chip to cool it off.

“Bud, these are spicy hot – they aren’t hot-hot.  They would hurt your mouth.”

More puffs of air wafted over my hand and little bits of chili powder dusted my reuben.

I tried again, figuring repetition would enhance understanding.  “Bud, they aren’t hot but they are spicy hot and they would hurt your mouth…”

Sayeth the boy, “I want some chips” and he reached over to pinch the chip to see if it was truly hot to the touch.

I looked at Cruel Wife resignedly, “You know, he’s just not going to get it unless he experiences it.”   She wearily nodded in agreement. “Let him have one.”

He took the chip, crammed half of it in his mouth, took three munches… and immediately grabbed his juice and drained the container by three-quarters many times faster than I thought a fluid could actually flow.  His eyes were open a bit more and he was sucking air.

“See, pal?  They’re spicy hot.”

He nodded and took another bite.  Then he grabbed Cruel Wife’s ice-water and drained it of two inches worth of water with efficiency that would make Dracula moan with admiration.

He nodded, glassy-eyed, as if to some unspoken wisdom – and then asked for another chip.  Still shaking my head I complied with his request.

Chomp… nom nom nom… crunch crunch crunch…


“Can I have another chip please?”

Chomp… nom nom nom… crunch crunch crunch…


I made up my mind that I just could not make up my mind as to whether I should be proud or write him off as an idiot.  Being a chili-head, I eventually opted for pride.

He ate three chips.

Twenty minutes later I hear a scream from the other room, “I NEED THE BATHROOOOOM!”   Apparently all that liquid must go somewhere.

Lest you think that I bullshitteth thee, take a look.

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Well, well, well…

If you have followed recently, a terrific troll named tessa yakush, bless her black bleeding heart… she wished me a horrible death via deep-throat relations with a (running) chainsaw.  Why?  Because I mocked the idea of PETA getting uptight about seals in the World of Warcraft.  (Club a WoW Seal Senseless Today!)

c.monster or C.Monster or Mr. Monster or Mr. C… whatever – (h/t to the guy over at soylent green – warning it may or may not be safe for work on any given day) – had one of the very best finds of the year.  Bunk Strutts at Tacky Raccoons had THIS (see pic) and I can only bow in admiration.

Yes. That is what it looks like. A baby-seal pinata.

I can think of only one way to improve on a candy-filled baby-seal pinata

Fill it with meat.

LK:  Jerky!

Laconic Pup:  Sausages!

The Dude:  Slim Jims!

LK:  Damn, man.  Not Slim Jims.  They’re like gristle pumped full of fat and spices under pressure.

The Dude:  Yeah, and what’s wrong with that?

LK:   Eww.

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From The Dude:

An archeological team, digging in Washington DC, has uncovered 10,000 year old bones and fossil remains of what is believed to be the first Politician.

Nice catch, Dude!


Somebody, and I don’t want to name names but it was Laconic Pup, thought the two titles were equivalent.

Here’s the original advert.

Here is the interpretation or rather, what the average soldier or engineer sees…


But since when has anyone listened to the CBO?  I’ve posted it here in case the CBO’s site “goes down unexpectedly”.  Emphasis in bold and red is mine.

Federal Debt and the Risk of a Fiscal Crisis

July 27, 2010

Economic and Budget Issue Brief


Over the past few years, U.S. government debt held by the public has grown rapidly—to the point that, compared with the total output of the economy, it is now higher than it has ever been except during the period around World War II. The recent increase in debt has been the result of three sets of factors: an imbalance between federal revenues and spending that predates the recession and the recent turmoil in financial markets, sharply lower revenues and elevated spending that derive directly from those economic conditions, and the costs of various federal policies implemented in response to the conditions.

Further increases in federal debt relative to the nation’s output (gross domestic product, or GDP) almost certainly lie ahead if current policies remain in place. The aging of the population and rising costs for health care will push federal spending, measured as a percentage of GDP, well above the levels experienced in recent decades. Unless policymakers restrain the growth of spending, increase revenues significantly as a share of GDP, or adopt some combination of those two approaches, growing budget deficits will cause debt to rise to unsupportable levels.

Although deficits during or shortly after a recession generally hasten economic recovery, persistent deficits and continually mounting debt would have several negative economic consequences for the United States. Some of those consequences would arise gradually: A growing portion of people’s savings would go to purchase government debt rather than toward investments in productive capital goods such as factories and computers; that “crowding out” of investment would lead to lower output and incomes than would otherwise occur. In addition, if the payment of interest on the extra debt was financed by imposing higher marginal tax rates, those rates would discourage work and saving and further reduce output. Rising interest costs might also force reductions in spending on important government programs. Moreover, rising debt would increasingly restrict the ability of policymakers to use fiscal policy to respond to unexpected challenges, such as economic downturns or international crises.

Beyond those gradual consequences, a growing level of federal debt would also increase the probability of a sudden fiscal crisis, during which investors would lose confidence in the government’s ability to manage its budget, and the government would thereby lose its ability to borrow at affordable rates. It is possible that interest rates would rise gradually as investors’ confidence declined, giving legislators advance warning of the worsening situation and sufficient time to make policy choices that could avert a crisis. But as other countries’ experiences show, it is also possible that investors would lose confidence abruptly and interest rates on government debt would rise sharply. The exact point at which such a crisis might occur for the United States is unknown, in part because the ratio of federal debt to GDP is climbing into unfamiliar territory and in part because the risk of a crisis is influenced by a number of other factors, including the government’s long-term budget outlook, its near-term borrowing needs, and the health of the economy. When fiscal crises do occur, they often happen during an economic downturn, which amplifies the difficulties of adjusting fiscal policy in response.

If the United States encountered a fiscal crisis, the abrupt rise in interest rates would reflect investors’ fears that the government would renege on the terms of its existing debt or that it would increase the supply of money to finance its activities or pay creditors and thereby boost inflation. To restore investors’ confidence, policymakers would probably need to enact spending cuts or tax increases more drastic and painful than those that would have been necessary had the adjustments come sooner.

Entire document here (link).

07-27_Debt_FiscalCrisis_Brief (download it from this blog).

#  FogSensor Realistic Camera .dat file.close
#  Date: 072710
#  Time: 11:10pm-ish
#  Based on the VISHAY BPV10NF Silicon PIN Photodiode
#  G. Ritter & J. Trenkle – Michigan Aerospace Corporation
# Matrix describes a 2.5mm radius dome with an aperture defined at 5mm dia
# sensor element is 0.78mm^2 or .883mm on a side (square).  The sensor
# occurs 4.4mm after the 1st surface vertex, so 1.9mm after the aperture stop.
# n(pin) was calculated using the 20 degree half angle (70 degree incidence)
# arriving at the aperture stop and refracting to opposite sensor element edge
# = sin(radians(70))/sin(radians(32.86)) = 1.732
# 0.000 0.000 1.732 0.005
# #########################################################
# radius    sep     n   aperture
0.0025 0.0025 1.732 0.005
0.000 0.000 0.000 0.005

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Gosh, life sure is a scary place, isn’t it?  BPA is the new pants-wetting monster-under-the-bed.   Actually not new at all.

Cash-register receipts from many fast-food outlets, groceries, pharmacies, big-box stores and U.S. post offices contain high levels of the endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol A.

A study released late today by the Environmental Working Group reported that a laboratory analysis it commissioned found the plastic component BPA on 40 percent of receipts from McDonald’s, CVS, KFC, Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, Safeway and other businesses.

BPA is used to coat thermal paper, which reacts with dye to form black print on receipts handled by millions of Americans every day. In laboratory tests, the chemical has been linked to a long list of serious health problems in animals. Several environmental activists, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., also have called for removing BPA from canned goods.

Wash your hands – you should be doing that already – before you eat.  Oh, but they have an answer to that!

The EWG, a national nonprofit organization, is undertaking additional studies to determine whether and to what degree BPA enters the body. However, earlier this month Swiss scientist Sandra Biedermann and her colleagues from the Zurich Official Food Control Authority reported that BPA from register receipts can “enter the skin to such a depth that it can no longer be washed off.”

If it is so deep that it can’t be washed off it is deep enough to not get on my food.  Unless somehow the chemical is so frickin’ evil that it senses food and leaps out of our pores onto that food.  Since we always can trust Wikipedia:

While there is little concern for dermal absorption of BPA, free BPA can readily be transferred to skin and residues on hands can be ingested.

Back to the bedwetting article.

That finding raises the possibility that the chemical infiltrates the skin’s lower layers to enter the bloodstream directly, the EWG says.

The skin is really quite impressive in terms of what it can keep out and yes, there is always a possibility.  However, if you are only going to “raise the possibility” then it means it hasn’t been tested and hasn’t been quantified.

Ask yourself:  “Who is the EWG?”  “What is their agenda?”  “Who gives them money?”  “What do they consider a success story on any given chemical threat-du-jour?”

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You can look at it like Oliver Stone, and claim that Hitler got a Raw Deal from the Jews because of the way he was mischaracterised.

Or you can refuse to be a goddamned ass like he is.

Director Oliver Stone belittled the Holocaust during a shocking interview with the Sunday Times today, claiming that America’s focus on the Jewish massacre was a product of the “Jewish domination of the media.”

The director also defended Hitler and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and railed against the “powerful lobby” of Jews in America.   – Interview with movie director Oliver Stone

Stone epitomizes what is so wrong about a lot of Hollywood – the utter break from reality that they have taken.  This is a group that embraces Che, Castro, N. Vietnam, communist Russia, Hugo Chavez (notice the common thread – whatever is against the US they are for).  It’s a group that seems to believe that since they have more than they ever could need that it is ok to raid everyone’s wallets to pay for the poor to salve their consciences.

Any time you have a group that predominantly thinks a certain way and the common thread seems to be their profession, I submit to you that there’s a lot of cross-pollenization and not a great deal of individual thought.


Well, I could be negative and say “Geez this is the worst pain day I’ve had in a while.”

But that would be missing the point.  “Geez this is the worst pain day I’ve had IN A WHILE.”

See the difference?

I feel like hell, but I’ve had more live-able days recently than I’ve had in a long time.  So, I say, if you are faced with radio-frequency neurotomy treatments on your neck or lumbar spine – DO IT.  No, it’s not fun.  Yes, it can really really help.

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Sharing My Feelings.

Update for fun… I got to use a Python function I’ve just never had need for before now.  You might like the name of the function because it makes me grin every time I see it in code.

f = open(“junk.py”, “w”)
pickle.dump(vars, f)

pickle.dump()… I ask you, how can that not be funny?   Of course there’s also pickle.load(), which I assume works well with reuben sandwich objects.


I’m supposed to share, to communicate, to trust.

Well, fine.  Here’s how I feel today.

I feel like driving around with whaleskin hubcaps.  That’s how I feel.


Ok, so Tennessee cops fired 59 shots.  43 bullet wounds were found on the suicide-by-cop… uh… individual.  (victim?)  (alleged criminal?)

Police have described Heyward’s death on July 18, 2009 as a case of “suicide by cop.”

The medical examiner found 43 bullet wounds in Heyward’s chest, face, arms, hands, legs, buttocks and groin. Police have said he was a danger to others and threatened the six officers.

That’s 73% accuracy!  In extremis, too!  I know I’d feel a lot safer if I knew that the police in my area could handle a weapon as well as these fellas.

If we use an interesting study in order to have a “just supposin'” kind of conversation and assume that the officers all had semiautomatic handguns, there’s a number something like 4.5 shots avg per cop when having to use his/her weapon.  So let’s do the divide thing… and we end up with 13 cops (numerically) but the actual value had to be something like 11-14 cops because no one fires a fraction of a bullet.

It took 11-14 cops (for the sake of argument) to train weapons on a single suicidal idiot with a gun?  If we had 8 guys with really twitchy fingers and awesome aim for fast shooting or 14 or more who are sedated but still decent shots… well, does it require that many officers to handle a single suspect?

Ok, was that grins and giggles argument fun?  Did you actually read the article?  SIX cops fired an average of almost ten shots apiece at this guy.  How many shots can you pull off before his dead body hits the ground?  Most cops don’t carry .22’s.  They carry 9mm or larger – 10mm or .45.



He had to have been dead of shock before he even started to drop.  At least it was quick.

Perhaps 2 or 3 of them only pulled off a couple of shots while the others reloaded. (not in the least bit likely)

Look, I’m all in favor of an officer, if he has to pull his weapon, doing the job right and taking out a bag of shit out before he can hurt someone – it is their duty, in fact.  But ten shots apiece for six officers covering one armed suspect?  I’ve shot more handgun rounds than I can count and it doesn’t take a great many shots in the larger calibers to know on an instinctual level that after just so many shots, you done killed what you hit.

Note:  My brother is a state trooper and two nephews are cops, so if you’re taking extreme exception to what I’ve said here, spare me the indignant “adrenaline-powered responses” tirades, m’kay?  I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to crap all over me for it in your stead.

Update:  I wonder if my familial law enforcement members would be open to using my Grazer Safety Slugs…

Grazer Safety Bullets - click to embiggenify.

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… that short chicks are so demanding.  I’m married to one.

So, to make LC Aggie Sith happy (Cruel Wife, who is like 5’1″, doesn’t care either way in this instance) I have updated the seal currency so the gosh-darned thing isn’t green anymore.

Heaven forbid if we should have green seals barking it up all over the place.


A gay zombie porn flick.

How in the world would a zombie’s orientation have any bearing on the fact that all he/she wants do do is eat braaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnsssss?

I find it interesting that movie directors and writers at these film festivals tend to always gravitate (well, mostly) to sexuality (amounting to child porn, gay porn, hetero deviant porn), or disturbing topics, or even so far as taboos.

Yet they can’t seem to make a quality “mainstream” movie with good plot, choreography, good dialogue, and great filming practices.  It’s like PETA – one trick ponies (and the trick is oh-so-old by now) and they keep hashing the same thing over, thinking that if they bump up the shock value a little more each time they’ll get their groupies, fanboys, admirers, fame, whatever.  They are looking for fart-sniffer validation.

Surely we haven’t exhausted stories of the type written by H.G. Wells, Frederick Pohl, Asimov, Dan Simmons, or Neal Stephenson?   (Threw that last one in for fun – I’d love to see someone do it though.)


The only thing lower than this is someone who would break a baby’s fingers to get the candy.  Man uses crucifixes to open church poor boxes.  I’d say he’s as useful as a syphilitic rat, but that’s pretty damned offensive to rats.

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Update:  Shooting down drones with lasers.  Next thing you know they’ll be putting them on sharks.

I’m impressed.  The technical hurdles Raytheon needed to address in order to do that… wow.


I know that sounds like he got a cheap prostitute but really it’s all about money.  Yes, it was steampunk for a while, lately it’s been money.  I may head back to SteamPunk Land and see if it meets money as per Aggie’s GENIUS suggestion.

A little background on this seal.  I wasn’t going to put the splatters on there, honest to God, I wasn’t.

But I got a lovely piece of trollage – and I don’t want to name names but it is tessa yakush – this morning that wanted me to engage in deep fellatio with a running chainsaw and die a more horrible death than a clubbed seal.

It doesn’t all have to be superdark bad stuff.

As apotheosis said in a later comment:

I went seal clubbing one time but I couldn’t get the stupid glow bracelets to stay on their little flipper wrists.

Bless you, apo.  The related info on your blog-posting made me laugh hard enough I had to wipe tears from my eyes.  The imagery of “cold dead shark eyes and face-rending claws” of the seal was disturbing.  Bereft of any mercy, of any warmth, of any connection with any living thing… wow.

Anyway, back to my troll, tessa could not see that I had already written multiple times in that posting and comments that I don’t care for clubbing seals just for taking fur.  But no, she wished terrible things upon me that bruised my fragile “self” and has left me a lifeless shell, and I can only fill it with the feelings that flooded in when her message touched my heart.

So… Videlicet

Bite me, tessa.

Next time I do this it will be to showcase how baby endangered animals (all baby animals, actually) taste better.

You don’t believe me?  Eggs.  Veal.  Lamb.  Squab.

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It will feature a Harp Seal in honor of my good troll tessa.

Her message to me this morning has touched my heart.

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Now Sea Turtles are part of the currency offering geared solely to save our biodiversity.  All part of c.monster’s plan over at Soylent.  But I’m going to post my latest one here first (his copy is in the e:mail).  This version highlights the endangered lemur and sea turtles (pick Ridley/Leatherback or Green, doesn’t matter).

Next will be one featuring a harp seal and there will be gore and coffee stains all over the note.

Note:  If you’re following these, I am not a duck-squeezer or tree hugger but this is meant to irritate people in two ways.  I’ve been making art to rile people up about endangered species.  It looks as if I were celebrating the demise of species on the edge when all I really want to do is get people to stop being apathetic or melodramatic and at least think about the issues.  Shutting the human race down because animals get hurt is idiotic.  Wiping out every last critter of any species, well, think long and hard.  If it is a mosquito… God will understand.  If it’s another critter, let’s chat.  But lets not play all sorts of moronic stunts, pull guilt trips, act like children, etc. etc. etc.

My take is this – use it but don’t abuse it.  We don’t have to bandage up every species for every boo-boo, but neither should we be assholes about it.   I happen to like animals and diversity but not through the eco-terrorists methods.  I’d like to see the hysteria, hype, threats, misinformation, and famous personalities the world over just go away.  Too much dogma for my tastes.

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Note:  For those of you who haven’t heard a lot from me via e:mail – I had a scarynastybad crash with Thunderbird and lost everydamnfrigginthing in my Inbox.  I didn’t lose the file, huge thing that it is, but the msf file or the actual file is corrupted and it won’t read in.  I managed to save everything else (whoop-tee-doo).


C. Monster over at Soylent approached me a few days ago and said “Lemur King, you’re an ass and I want nothing to do with you.”

No, he didn’t say that.  He might have thought it but even as blunt as he can be, he did not utter those words.

He did, however, spew forth an idea.  One that mocks those who are still all a-tizzy about carbon credits, AGW, wring hands to excess, and worry about the extinction off all life as we know it.  He gets some of the best ideas… he’s like a twisted artistic muse.

Hey, if you extend the timeline out enough, the survival rate drops to zero.

I want to do Letherback Turtles next.  I’m haggling over the denomination with c.monster…


By the way, all eco-terrorist trolls – I happen to love sea turtles almost as much as dolphins so piss right off if you feel like having a shit-hemorrhage with indignation over the use of endangered animals on money thing.

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No idea.

If you held a gun to my head I could not tell you where this came from.

I just can’t think of anything to add to this to change the funny quotient (F-Q, to you, McGoo).

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Three words:   Damaged Goods.

At The Smoking Gun… “Horny Man In Assault Bust

Here’s the teaser image – full pic is over at TSG.

Talk about life-altering choices.  Yes, he’s going to be on the board of directors for GE or General Mills someday, as Dog is his co-pilot.


In our fight against defective people, and I don’t want to name names because I want to respect Barack Hussein Obama, so I’ll just say “we all know a certain defective person”.

Now, it happens that when a defective person rises to power, either as a result of merit or as a freak occurrence in nature (hundreds of millions to roughly half that for odds), that person may now do some incredibly stupid things.  These things are things that the rest of us should strive to resist.

In the Patriot Post is the Patriot Declaration.  It is something that has a solid basis and will take diligent effort over the course of years to see happen.

First, a quote from the same source, by one James Madison:

The people of the U.S. owe their Independence & their liberty, to the wisdom of descrying in the minute tax of 3 pence on tea, the magnitude of the evil comprised in the precedent. Let them exert the same wisdom, in watching against every evil lurking under plausible disguises, and growing up from small beginnings.” –James Madison

Are we stupid???

Look at what we have invited to live with us.  Dark guests, pretending to be our servants, who live only to consume every available resource, their goals and motivations being one and the same. – LK

**************Patriot Delcaration*******************

Preamble to the Patriot Declaration

We are American Patriots, defenders of First Principles and Essential Liberty.

We are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and public servants standing in harm’s way at home and around the world, who are loyal, first and foremost, to our revered oath to support and defend our Constitution.

We are grassroots leaders and local, state and national officeholders who, likewise, honor our sacred oath.

We are moms, dads and other family members nurturing the next generation of young Patriots.

We are farmers, craftsmen, tradesmen and industrial producers. We are small business owners, service providers and professionals in medicine and law. We are employees and employers. We are in ministry at home and missionaries abroad. We are students and professors at colleges and universities, often standing alone for what is good and right.

We are consumers and taxpayers.

We are voters.

We are not defined by race, creed, ethnicity, religion, wealth, education or political affiliation, but by our devotion to our Creator, and the liberty He has entrusted to us, one and all.

We are Patriot Sons and Daughters from all walks of life, heirs to the blessings of Liberty bequeathed to us by our Patriot Forebears, confirmed in the opinion that it is our duty to God and Country to extend that blessing to our posterity, and avowed upon our sacred honor to that end. We are vigilant, strong, prepared and faithful.

Patriot Declaration

We the People, blessed with the inheritance of Liberty paid for with the lives and fortunes of Patriots before us, hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, that to secure these Rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, and that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.

WHEREAS, our nation is at a critical historic juncture, where we must choose between Rule of Law and rule of men; and

WHEREAS, our nation is confronting significant political threats to Liberty from within our borders and from enemies abroad; and

WHEREAS, our national Constitution is the singular guidance for Rule of Law and the defense of liberty; and

WHEREAS, our Constitution’s Article VI Section 1 stipulates, “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution…” but the majority of those aforementioned have forsaken their oath to support and defend our Constitution, placing the future of American Liberty at great peril;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, We the People of these United States, in order to restore a more perfect Union, re-establish Justice, re-insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, pledge to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, as established at great cost in lives and treasure by our Founders and defended by generations since, and we demand that those in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our national government, likewise honor their oaths, and commit to undertake the following actions to restore constitutional integrity and Rule of Law:

FIRST, that constitutional authority be established for any national legislation entered before Congress, by way of an Enumerated Powers Amendment, requiring specific authority enumerated in our Constitution empowering Congress to enact such legislation, thus ensuring that such legislation does not amend the plain language of our Constitution, which prescribes its own method for amendment in Article V;

SECOND, that said Amendment require that all legislation explicitly cite its compliance with the Tenth Amendment to our Bill of Rights, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” thus prohibiting the central government from usurping the powers reserved to the States or the People;

THIRD, that said Amendment require all legislation and regulation imposed upon the nation apply equally to all members of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government;

FOURTH, that fiscal responsibility be enumerated in our Constitution by way of a Balanced Budget Amendment, including zero base-line accounting principles, to be put before the states and the people;

FIFTH, that said Amendment contain a provision requiring a three-fifths majority of votes by members of Congress to raise direct or indirect taxes, and acknowledgment that the legislature has no authority to raise taxes for purposes that are not expressly authorized by the Constitution;

SIXTH, that said Amendment contain a provision that direct taxes be levied at an equal ratio to all Americans, ensuring that the cost-burden of government is shared equally by all, and consistent with Article I, Section 9, which provides “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed” which would unduly single out individuals or minority groups for undue punishment;

SEVENTH, that said Amendment contain a provision that the withholding of taxes by an employer is the option of the taxpayer;

EIGHTH, that said Amendment acknowledge the interdependence of economic freedom and political freedom by provision that any bill before Congress must enumerate its implications against the exercise of free enterprise;

NINTH, that a Legislature Accountability Amendment to establish term limits for all members of Congress, similar to that of the 22nd Amendment, Section 1, limiting terms for the Executive, be put before the states and the people; and,

TENTH, because Rule of Law, established through the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, entitles the People to unalienable Rights including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and severely limits the government from any infringement upon those rights, then any member of the executive, legislative or judicial branch in violation of the Rule of Law established through our Constitution, is subject to impeachment and criminal prosecution.

THUS, be it known that for the support of this Declaration in defense of the Rule of Law established by our Constitution, it is, with firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, that we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

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