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Update:  Aggie Sith said “Wow, a sweet post with a bit of gross thrown in for good measure.  I thought she had a good point so it’s now reverse-ordered, sweet and then gross.

I am utterly horrified by statements like this.  It makes me cringe.  I’d rather chew on tinfoil.

Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program. –  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi


Cruel Wife and kids are home as of last night.  Yay!  No, seriously.  It was too damn quiet and I was working from when I got home to when I got in bed (after midnite) either for work or on the house or both, just to keep myself from going stark raving bonkers.  For some reason video games just didn’t seem like an option, and I didn’t play one for even one minute while they were gone.


No one noticed the smell first?  Truly cattle-class aircraft conditions.  Moooo.

US Airways says maggots falling from an overhead bin from a container of spoiled meat forced a plane to return to the gate in Atlanta.

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