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Update:  Did I link you to this DIY triple-rotor helicopter yet?


When the guy won the presidential election I was incredulous because I couldn’t believe how many people don’t live in reality, but I think I said “Well, for our sake, I hope he succeeds.”

Mort Zuckermann, of all people, paints a dismal picture.

Again, it is a picture of Obama failing, which normally wouldn’t bother me so much, except so much is on the line.  He did not cause all of this flaming mess, but he’s sprayed diesel all over it for a year and a half.  He is a tin-eared emotionless emperor fiddling as Rome burns.


I’m a tea party-er so I’m already considered racist – so I’ll come out and say it:  Michelle Obama speaking to the NAACP to tell blacks to increase intensity is about as racist as it gets.  Black folks talking to other black folks to step up intensity against white folks who don’t agree with ’em (and could really care less about what skin color you are because a destroyed country is pretty effin’ color blind).  It is still racism, just aimed the other way.

I thought as a kid that we were really moving beyond this crap.  I guess it really is true – the more things change, the more things stay the same.

And, to quote the great philospher Jagger – you can’t always get what you want.  Not sure how “get what you need” fits in here.


The Politico… as McGoo said a while back:  “I threw up in my mouth a little bit.”

Can you get “The bad economy creates a mood in which everything looks a bit more bleak than it did before,” Dionne says. “The economy helps to create the less-than-wonderful poll numbers for Democrats, and it conditions the national mood — and all of that affects the way that progressives feel.”

What the hell does this next paragraph mean???

Yet some of the blame that once was put squarely on Obama and his White House staff has now shifted to a broken system where congressional Republicans have exerted power that does not rightfully belong to them.

Geez, they’ve gotten so much of what they wanted yet they’re behaving like sulky spoiled children.

“If there is a progressive movement that is demanding change, driving the debate, challenging conservative Democrats and Republicans and challenging the White House, you might see a bolder agenda,” he says. “But it’s equally possible that this reform moment … that we miss it and conservatives come back with the same ideas they had when they drove us off a cliff.”

“It was always naive to expect a president to start a movement,” says Michael Kazin, a Georgetown University history professor and co-editor of the liberal magazine, Dissent. “It’s a little bit like expecting a chief executive to start a union.”

Oooh, more mouth-throw-uppage!
Must have misspoke?”  If that doesn’t sound like an evasion, I don’t know what will.  Gibbs must find a dictionary and look up “disingenuous”.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday that NASA Administrator Charles Bolden must have misspoken when he told Al Jazeera last month that one of his top priorities is to reach out to Muslim countries.

“That was not his task and that’s not the task of NASA,” Gibbs said.

Bolden, though, said last month in the interview that it was President Obama who gave him that task. He made a similar claim in February.

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