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Note:  For those of you who haven’t heard a lot from me via e:mail – I had a scarynastybad crash with Thunderbird and lost everydamnfrigginthing in my Inbox.  I didn’t lose the file, huge thing that it is, but the msf file or the actual file is corrupted and it won’t read in.  I managed to save everything else (whoop-tee-doo).


C. Monster over at Soylent approached me a few days ago and said “Lemur King, you’re an ass and I want nothing to do with you.”

No, he didn’t say that.  He might have thought it but even as blunt as he can be, he did not utter those words.

He did, however, spew forth an idea.  One that mocks those who are still all a-tizzy about carbon credits, AGW, wring hands to excess, and worry about the extinction off all life as we know it.  He gets some of the best ideas… he’s like a twisted artistic muse.

Hey, if you extend the timeline out enough, the survival rate drops to zero.

I want to do Letherback Turtles next.  I’m haggling over the denomination with c.monster…


By the way, all eco-terrorist trolls – I happen to love sea turtles almost as much as dolphins so piss right off if you feel like having a shit-hemorrhage with indignation over the use of endangered animals on money thing.

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