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Update:  Shooting down drones with lasers.  Next thing you know they’ll be putting them on sharks.

I’m impressed.  The technical hurdles Raytheon needed to address in order to do that… wow.


I know that sounds like he got a cheap prostitute but really it’s all about money.  Yes, it was steampunk for a while, lately it’s been money.  I may head back to SteamPunk Land and see if it meets money as per Aggie’s GENIUS suggestion.

A little background on this seal.  I wasn’t going to put the splatters on there, honest to God, I wasn’t.

But I got a lovely piece of trollage – and I don’t want to name names but it is tessa yakush – this morning that wanted me to engage in deep fellatio with a running chainsaw and die a more horrible death than a clubbed seal.

It doesn’t all have to be superdark bad stuff.

As apotheosis said in a later comment:

I went seal clubbing one time but I couldn’t get the stupid glow bracelets to stay on their little flipper wrists.

Bless you, apo.  The related info on your blog-posting made me laugh hard enough I had to wipe tears from my eyes.  The imagery of “cold dead shark eyes and face-rending claws” of the seal was disturbing.  Bereft of any mercy, of any warmth, of any connection with any living thing… wow.

Anyway, back to my troll, tessa could not see that I had already written multiple times in that posting and comments that I don’t care for clubbing seals just for taking fur.  But no, she wished terrible things upon me that bruised my fragile “self” and has left me a lifeless shell, and I can only fill it with the feelings that flooded in when her message touched my heart.

So… Videlicet

Bite me, tessa.

Next time I do this it will be to showcase how baby endangered animals (all baby animals, actually) taste better.

You don’t believe me?  Eggs.  Veal.  Lamb.  Squab.

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It will feature a Harp Seal in honor of my good troll tessa.

Her message to me this morning has touched my heart.

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Now Sea Turtles are part of the currency offering geared solely to save our biodiversity.  All part of c.monster’s plan over at Soylent.  But I’m going to post my latest one here first (his copy is in the e:mail).  This version highlights the endangered lemur and sea turtles (pick Ridley/Leatherback or Green, doesn’t matter).

Next will be one featuring a harp seal and there will be gore and coffee stains all over the note.

Note:  If you’re following these, I am not a duck-squeezer or tree hugger but this is meant to irritate people in two ways.  I’ve been making art to rile people up about endangered species.  It looks as if I were celebrating the demise of species on the edge when all I really want to do is get people to stop being apathetic or melodramatic and at least think about the issues.  Shutting the human race down because animals get hurt is idiotic.  Wiping out every last critter of any species, well, think long and hard.  If it is a mosquito… God will understand.  If it’s another critter, let’s chat.  But lets not play all sorts of moronic stunts, pull guilt trips, act like children, etc. etc. etc.

My take is this – use it but don’t abuse it.  We don’t have to bandage up every species for every boo-boo, but neither should we be assholes about it.   I happen to like animals and diversity but not through the eco-terrorists methods.  I’d like to see the hysteria, hype, threats, misinformation, and famous personalities the world over just go away.  Too much dogma for my tastes.

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