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… that short chicks are so demanding.  I’m married to one.

So, to make LC Aggie Sith happy (Cruel Wife, who is like 5’1″, doesn’t care either way in this instance) I have updated the seal currency so the gosh-darned thing isn’t green anymore.

Heaven forbid if we should have green seals barking it up all over the place.


A gay zombie porn flick.

How in the world would a zombie’s orientation have any bearing on the fact that all he/she wants do do is eat braaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnsssss?

I find it interesting that movie directors and writers at these film festivals tend to always gravitate (well, mostly) to sexuality (amounting to child porn, gay porn, hetero deviant porn), or disturbing topics, or even so far as taboos.

Yet they can’t seem to make a quality “mainstream” movie with good plot, choreography, good dialogue, and great filming practices.  It’s like PETA – one trick ponies (and the trick is oh-so-old by now) and they keep hashing the same thing over, thinking that if they bump up the shock value a little more each time they’ll get their groupies, fanboys, admirers, fame, whatever.  They are looking for fart-sniffer validation.

Surely we haven’t exhausted stories of the type written by H.G. Wells, Frederick Pohl, Asimov, Dan Simmons, or Neal Stephenson?   (Threw that last one in for fun – I’d love to see someone do it though.)


The only thing lower than this is someone who would break a baby’s fingers to get the candy.  Man uses crucifixes to open church poor boxes.  I’d say he’s as useful as a syphilitic rat, but that’s pretty damned offensive to rats.

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