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Sharing My Feelings.

Update for fun… I got to use a Python function I’ve just never had need for before now.  You might like the name of the function because it makes me grin every time I see it in code.

f = open(“junk.py”, “w”)
pickle.dump(vars, f)

pickle.dump()… I ask you, how can that not be funny?   Of course there’s also pickle.load(), which I assume works well with reuben sandwich objects.


I’m supposed to share, to communicate, to trust.

Well, fine.  Here’s how I feel today.

I feel like driving around with whaleskin hubcaps.  That’s how I feel.


Ok, so Tennessee cops fired 59 shots.  43 bullet wounds were found on the suicide-by-cop… uh… individual.  (victim?)  (alleged criminal?)

Police have described Heyward’s death on July 18, 2009 as a case of “suicide by cop.”

The medical examiner found 43 bullet wounds in Heyward’s chest, face, arms, hands, legs, buttocks and groin. Police have said he was a danger to others and threatened the six officers.

That’s 73% accuracy!  In extremis, too!  I know I’d feel a lot safer if I knew that the police in my area could handle a weapon as well as these fellas.

If we use an interesting study in order to have a “just supposin'” kind of conversation and assume that the officers all had semiautomatic handguns, there’s a number something like 4.5 shots avg per cop when having to use his/her weapon.  So let’s do the divide thing… and we end up with 13 cops (numerically) but the actual value had to be something like 11-14 cops because no one fires a fraction of a bullet.

It took 11-14 cops (for the sake of argument) to train weapons on a single suicidal idiot with a gun?  If we had 8 guys with really twitchy fingers and awesome aim for fast shooting or 14 or more who are sedated but still decent shots… well, does it require that many officers to handle a single suspect?

Ok, was that grins and giggles argument fun?  Did you actually read the article?  SIX cops fired an average of almost ten shots apiece at this guy.  How many shots can you pull off before his dead body hits the ground?  Most cops don’t carry .22’s.  They carry 9mm or larger – 10mm or .45.



He had to have been dead of shock before he even started to drop.  At least it was quick.

Perhaps 2 or 3 of them only pulled off a couple of shots while the others reloaded. (not in the least bit likely)

Look, I’m all in favor of an officer, if he has to pull his weapon, doing the job right and taking out a bag of shit out before he can hurt someone – it is their duty, in fact.  But ten shots apiece for six officers covering one armed suspect?  I’ve shot more handgun rounds than I can count and it doesn’t take a great many shots in the larger calibers to know on an instinctual level that after just so many shots, you done killed what you hit.

Note:  My brother is a state trooper and two nephews are cops, so if you’re taking extreme exception to what I’ve said here, spare me the indignant “adrenaline-powered responses” tirades, m’kay?  I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to crap all over me for it in your stead.

Update:  I wonder if my familial law enforcement members would be open to using my Grazer Safety Slugs…

Grazer Safety Bullets - click to embiggenify.

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