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In lieu of a dog, I now have a cable internet connection and a wireless link that doesn’t stink like cat poo.

My Twisted Midget Porn website is going to be up and running before you can say “OhmygawdcanyoureallyDOthat??”

I must feed first.  I made some ridiculously hot Pad Krapow a few nights ago and it is in the fridge calling out to me.  Lots of beef, onions, peppers, chilies, basil, and yes… lots and lots of the meat that is not a meatNo, not that kind.

I tell Girlhead that the Serengeti is populated by huge ginormous herds of boneless pale block-shaped and rather tasteless hoofed beasts called (what else?) Tofudebeests.

They must be prepared by frying till golden and then marinating in soy, rice wine vinegar, palm sugar, and sesame oil – and only then will they be fit to consume.

It’s not all quite as good as a dog, but it’s a start.


I’m so conflicted here… is this supposed to make me want to eat meat or not?  I mean, are we talking spoiled meat, metaphorical meat, “meat” meat, or some subtle layering of meaning that I’m not grasping?  I’m not a fan of Pam Anderson, but what if it were Salma?  What would I want then?

Screw it.  PETA is a bunch of broken people.  (credit for first sighting of the next two images with mine own eyes goes to Amusing Bunni – Thank you, Bunni, wherever you got them from…)

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Apolgies are in order…

Hi all – I’ve felt absolutely horrible neck-wise the last three days so I haven’t really done anything on… anything.  Tried to “do more” and found that it wasn’t reasonable.

We gave up Zoe-pup on Saturday.  I basically gave her some scritches, a quick hug, and hightailed it out of there and waited in the car.  Didn’t want to stretch that out.

All in all one hell of a sh***y weekend.  Nothing life-threatening or anything like that and in the grand scheme of things won’t alter any cosmological constants but it still sucked.  The house is very strangely quiet w/o her around.  I miss my damn dog, dammit – the annoying little snarf-anything-that-hits-the-floor, constant shadow, needs-t0-be-walked-to-the-latrine, 5-foot-high-jumping, Frankenboy blood slurping fuzzball that she is.

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And I’m not trying to sound like a pirate.

I’m trying to get my motorola cable modem up and running and damn if their setup software isn’t a pile of crap.  Manually setting this thing up has made no sense either.  This isn’t rocket science but they have made it so weird… grrrrrr.  No wonder this stuff scares the hell out of people.

So I’m limping along on my awful DSL for now.  Can’t load anything in any kind of normal time.

My midget pr0n website is suffering from horrible traffic declines from the slow speeds.

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This showcases one of my biggest complaints with Christians (and I consider myself one).  It is a reason why I don’t go to church because it seems like everywhere you go, you run into people who are more concerned about your sin than theirs(the whole “My Way News” article is here) Emphasis mine…

The strippers, fueled by Cheetos and nicotine, are protesting a fundamentalist Christian church whose Bible-brandishing congregants have picketed the club where they work. The dancers roll up with signs carrying messages adapted from Scripture, such as “Do unto others as you would have done unto you,” to counter church members who for four years have photographed license plates of patrons and asked them if their mothers and wives know their whereabouts.

See, the church started this mess.

The pastor?  He’s most concerned with motes in other’s eyes.

“As a Christian community, we cannot share territory with the devil,” Dunfee said. “Light and darkness cannot exist together, so The Fox Hole has got to go.”

One stripper rightly calls the church’s member’s behavior hateful.  A congregant’s reply goes like this:

Debi Durr, who attends the church, disagreed. “You don’t stand up there for four years for hate. That’s not hate. That’s love,” she said. Durr left Meske with a copy of Jeremiah 3:13 – a Bible passage that urges sinners to acknowledge their guilt.

Yes, yes you do stand up there for four years for hate- if you seek to coerce or embarrass people in order to get your “message of love” across, you are tarnished silver.

I like that the strippers have showed up in bikinis.  It makes a point.

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The Dude sent me an interesting article that just highlights the stark reality for anyone that thinks there are easy solutions to getting free energy – there is no such thing just as there is no such thing as perpetual motion, bigfoot, unicorns, or rational liberals.

EE Times discusses how MIT got a bit silly.

Wind power has always been a bit of a reach – it might be viable but the gains are nowhere near that of nuclear power, or France would have ‘mills on every baguette-bakery and snail farm.

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Read the article here about attacks on folks at a fairground.

Police say “may be racially motivated”.

What I find interesting is that it’s allegedly black guys going around beating up white guys but no one ever used the word combination “hate crime” in the article.



I’m told that the egg recall isn’t so surprising.  They say:

…after a rodent or worker introduces salmonella into the hens’  feed, it spreads like wildfire from hen to hen and onto the forming eggs before thy have been hatched.

Ok, so there is only one way to combat this and be proactive, and that is  to irradiate all the hens.

You can thank me for this awesometastic idea later.  I’ll set up a PayPal donations drop to handle any contributions to my lifestyle you may want to make.

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Now that Cruel Wife has a job, the universe has smiled upon us – my company now has day-care.


A while back Frankenboy and I sat and ate some Doritos 2nd Degree Burn chips.  Yea they’re hot but not in a killer kind of way.    Now they have 3rd Degree Burn chips.  They are hot but not a huge amount of flavor.  I was bummed.

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