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In a decidedly irregular update I have to say (in a most ridiculous tweety-facebookey way) that I am happy to have found a copy of the soundtrack to The Jackal.  Just had a nice mix.  Music is a window to the soul, I say.  I like Primal Scream’s “Star”, The Prodigy’s “Poison”, Dollshead “It’s Over, It’s Under”, and Bush “Swallowed”.  Love anything by Massive Attack, so the inclusion of anything there is a plus.

The movie – it’s ok.  It does feature one of the coldest-bastard performances by Bruce Willis ever.  Toxic human-analogue.


Is it ethical for every possible good/bad outcome regarding black/white individuals to have insinuations of racial motivation?

The politically charged decisions by veteran Democratic Reps. Charles Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California to force public trials by the House ethics committee are raising questions about race and whether black lawmakers face more scrutiny over allegations of ethical or criminal wrongdoing than their white colleagues.

I was on the receiving end of being accused of racial motivation for an e:mail once when it was addressed to the entire team and was an emphatic plea for extra diligence – we were at a point where time lost for not double-checking would have been catastrophic.

What ended up happening was an individual who I actually consider to this day to be the most conscientious and hard-working person I have ever met going to the supervisor – of the same race/color/creed and spent time having to deny an accusation.

It left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Assumption made:  Guilty until proven innocent (which is not possible as the doubt is always going to be there regardless of what you say).  Problem encountered:  The plaintiff didn’t bother to ask what the problem was to me directly.  Defense:  None  that matters worth a tinker’s damn.  Solution:  A lot of hard feelings for something that didn’t exist.

This is sad, because faced with a true instance of racism against the guy, I’d have had his back every step of the way.

NOW… Does anyone really doubt that Rangel and Waters aren’t both at the very least skirting the fringes of ethicality, given the barebones of what is known?

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