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Is it Chilly in Here?

Enacting a fight in front of a police office in order to create a “teachable moment”?

If that isn’t one of the more crass things I’ve heard of in a long time I don’t know what is.  It ought to be handled on the same level as filing a fraudulent police report at the least.

I’m sorry but this does fall under “racism” because it presumes a certain behavior based on skin color, which exactly falls under one of the issues that the civil rights movement was supposed to help alleviate.

Steams my clams.  The “test” was a no-win situation for the officer.  He could be accused of using too much force, too little force, or inappropriate response.  Talk about a “loaded” situation.


Last post generated some interesting comments based on a soundtrack to a movie that I found.

The Jackal (with Bruce Willis playing The Jackal).

It prompted the coldest lines I have yet to hear in a movie.

The Jackal: Ooh, that’s bad. The blood’s almost black, that means the bullet’s in your liver. You have about 20 minutes to live. If the pain gets to be too much, you can take your hand away. Then you’ll be dead in 5 minutes.

Valentina Koslova: When Declan kills you, you think of me, OK.

The Jackal: OK. I’ll make a note of that.

[grabs her head]

The Jackal: If you see Declan before you die, you tell him that he can’t protect his women.

Got any colder ones?  Love to hear ’em.

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