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Snippets Update (from stuff below):

We were way cool with GirlHead.

I came home and said to her (really off-hand-like) after I’d been home for a while “So, I hear you cut your brother’s hair.”

She said “Yeah.”

I said “Well, it looks good now, but you don’t need to give any more haircuts to your brother, do you?”

Girlhead grins and says “Nah.”

The boy is *yay* shy of being a cue-ball.

I looked at him and said “So, how do you like your haircut?”  He thought I said that I liked his haircut.  I didn’t disabuse him of the notion.

He runs to Cruel Wife and says “Mom!  Daddy likes my haircut!”

It’s all good.  We’re cool.  Bunch of little Fonzies.

Pics tomorrow, I promise.
**** The Original Posting ****

News Flash…

Cruel Wife came into the kid’s bedroom just as Girlhead (age 7) just completed frantic repairs to a botched haircut she just performed on FrankenBoy (age 4).

Girlhead looked at Cruel Wife and burst into tears.

Which really is kind of enough to break your heart right there.  She knew she messed up and felt HORRIBLE about it.

No report yet on the repairs on that, but one assumes that FrankenBoy will be also known as FrankenBoy Luc Picard or Cue-Ball.

Pictures later…

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