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Supposedly it was an old-style POS half-ringer, which I witnessed the guy take out of the telephone box on the house.  While it did help with our DSL not crapping out every time the phone rang and we temporarily had awesome service (which, alas, I did not take real advantage of), we went back to crap yesterday afternoon and evening.

Our modem is still on it’s way to being toast, I’m afraid.


The state of my ISP (AT&T) and an Old DSL Modem (sort of like the Old Gods only much more evil).  We’ve been waiting TEN DAYS for them to get off their asses and fix our lines.  The noise is like listening to a 747 through someone’s cellphone.  Our modem can’t seem to hold on to it’s passwords and kicks out regularly.

Can’t hardly stay on long enough to grab e:mail, certainly can’t transfer a file bigger than 100K without loss of signal.

That this is even going through (hope) is a small miracle.

So that’s why I’m out of touch.  Otherwise you’d have seen some Frankenboy knee pics by now.

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