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Wish her luck…

Update: The interview went very well.  CW is highly qualified, smart as a whip, and short – all the good things you need in a scientist.  Well, the short part is total bs.  She is 5’1″ tall but you don’t need someone that short for a scientist.   An arm rest though, you need someone that short.

I have had need in the past to find tape for my ribs after a hypersonic elbow cracked three of them.  Note to self:  Only use short woman’s head for armrest if you are leaning over enough that she can’t reach you.

Five to seven days from now we’ll know.


Cruel Wife is at this very moment interviewing for a position where she can drop mommyhood eight hours and embrace her career as a scientist.  Be this whole Eureka-Nerdette meets superwoman thing.

The job looks like a perfect match. She qualified, she’s smart, her new business suit looks sharp.

I told her:

  • They are there to woo you.
  • You are way totally qualified.
  • Picture them in their underwear with a spiked collar and leather leash.
  • You look pretty sharp in the new duds.  Looks good.

She better ask for more than I make so I can quit and become Mr. Mom-at-Home-Eating-Bon-Bons for a while.

If she does get it, we need to find a home for Zoe-pup.  I believe leaving her alone for 8-10 hours a day inside would be cruelty.  She’s an English Shepherd.  She’d explode or something.  She doesn’t get the exercise and attention she needs because of my neck anyway, which is something I’ve felt a long time, so finding her a good home just feels right.

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