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News Flash!  Cruel Wife got her job offer today. In an economy that has all the texture and consistency of cow poo, she got her job offer just three business days after the interview.  This will be a huge shot in the arm to helping pay off medical bills from my neck and all the other things that have broken recently – my truck, our tv, our A/C, Frankenboy’s knee (gashed open, not broken), CW’s rear driver’s side door on her vehicle, our modem… crazy stuff.


At the end of a long ride the wrong bicycle seat can leave you with a sensation that you slathered your privates with habanero puree.  Thanks to The Dude, a semi-alert reader, you have Habcycles.

From Black Lab on Meth we have spiciness on a different level.

HE 40 salt and pepper shakers.

Pull the pin S&P shakers.


Lunch break…


When arrested at the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and 6th Street N., most of them had thick white powder and fake blood on their faces and dark makeup around their eyes. They were walking in a stiff, lurching fashion and carrying four bags of sound equipment to amplify music from an iPod when they were arrested by police who said they were carrying equipment that simulated “weapons of mass destruction.”

Seriously?  Police felt obligated to arrest people dressed as mindless zombies? They don’t go around arresting Obama supporters so why start here?

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