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It sure feels to me like the police want warrant-less searches when they think they ought be allowed to paw through prescription records.  Looking for painkillers they say.

Sheriffs in North Carolina want access to state computer records identifying anyone with prescriptions for powerful painkillers and other controlled substances.

The state sheriff’s association pushed the idea Tuesday, saying the move would help them make drug arrests and curb a growing problem of prescription drug abuse. But patient advocates say opening up people’s medicine cabinets to law enforcement would deal a devastating blow to privacy rights.  http://www.newsobserver.com/2010/09/08/669723/lists-of-pain-pillpatients-sought.html

Those of you who know me know that my neck is… uhm… uh… kind of screwed up.  Yes, there are days when painkillers are needed and I thank God whenever that is an option, rather than having to just suffer through it.  When you are in enough pain to immobilize you, time does not pass, and every moment is an eternity.  We’re not talking about a headache or a sprained ankle here.  I’m lucky in that a lot of days it is at a tolerable level and I can get by.  No, I’m not “all better” and probably won’t ever be like I was, but I’m better off than I was before these latest procedures.

Yes, there are lots of people who fake it.  Yes, there are lots of sphincters who turn around and sell the stuff for an ugly obscene amount of coin.  But the problem is, there’s an awful lot of nice people who really are in pain.  I’ve been in the pain clinics getting procedures done on my neck and I have seen those people – and your heart bleeds for them.  They aren’t just older folks – young, middle-aged, old, men and women of all walks of life.  I listened for a half hour while the woman in the bed next to me sobbed, asking them to make it stop.  They could not just bump the person in the procedure room and told her they’d get her in there as soon as they possibly could.

My point is that doctors are already scared that police are going to be watching them through the DEA and if you add the process of following people based on their prescriptions they just aren’t as likely to treat people who have real need and should be treated.

This… this part though, makes me call bullsh*t.

Sheriffs made their pitch Tuesday to a legislative health care committee looking for ways to confront prescription drug abuse. Local sheriffs said that more people in their counties die of accidental overdoses than from homicides.

For years, sheriffs have been trying to convince legislators that the state’s prescription records should be open to them.

“We can better go after those who are abusing the system,” said Lee County Sheriff Tracy L. Carter.

If we’re concerned about accidental overdoses (save the people) then why would we in the next breath state that we can better go after those who are abusing the system?  In short order they go from saving victims to presuming guilt, which was the issue for the police all along.

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wordpress is screwey today…

So much for bloggingg -if you can’t see the interface or type (invisible text unless you highlight/select it) then it’s kind of pointless.

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