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I hope.  The LA Times printed this idiocy.

What we’re seeing is a general frustration with the inability of the government to fix the problems more quickly,” said Scott Keeter, director of survey research at the Pew Research Center. “This is expressed in anti-incumbent sentiment and negative opinions of the president. This also suggests that improvement in national conditions might be accompanied by an uptick in support for Obama.”

You read that right.

Government can’t fix problems.  At no time can throwing money at someone’s problem fix the problem.  It can “fix” something temporarily only, but it had to come from somewhere.

Ol’ O’bugger is trying, trying so hard to reverse the consequences of the Coup d’ ’08.  You can’t piss on people and tell them that they don’t count in your plans without the cows coming home to roost (I figure if cows are roosting, then you’re probably milking chickens, too – and that is a bad sign).  Whitehouse.Gov is sandbagging as fast as they can to limit the damage but you just can’t marginalize people and then expect them to respond to Chicken Little fearmongering.

Today the President once again discussed his proposals to boost America’s economic recovery – from rebuilding America’s roads and bridges, to giving businesses incentives to invest, to help for small business. If one sat back and tried to think of the most bipartisan idea the President could possibly propose to boost job creation, it would probably be providing tax breaks for small businesses, and yet even this has been blocked by the partisan Republican minority from even coming up for an up-or-down vote for months.

But for any who thought that blocking even such common sense measures was the limit of how far Republicans in Congress could go in putting partisanship ahead of getting Americans back to work, the Vice Chairman of the House Republicans’ campaign committee (the NRCC) was across town making clear that they were prepared to go much further. While the President was laying out bipartisan solutions to continue creating jobs, this Republican Congressman was rallying his political base in favor of his preferred solution – simply shutting the government down altogether…

Hmmm.  Too bad.  Sucks to be you guys, but honestly, I WANT THEM TO SHUT DOWN THE GOV’T at this point.  Even full-stop is better than the train wreck they are adding to right now.

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