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Logo Conundrum

Try as I might, I cannot find the new democratic party logo of a blue circle with a blue “D” in it.

If someone has a link to it, where I might verify it and whether or not it is a trademarkable symbol, please give me a head’s-up.

In the meantime while looking for it I found this pic, which I thought was kind of funny.



Any circle around that “D” is part of the biohazard symbol in the first place.  Kudos to Steamboat McGoo for his brilliant idea and Mitchell for his suggestions.

It’s going to take a short while (up to 24 hours but it didn’t take that long last time) but you can look for it here if you are interested.


I was just reminded of this by Mitchell’s posting about washer and dryers

Important consumer tip If you are going to use your clothes dryer to fluff up a shirt that has wrinkles before you go to work, make sure that you take the fish oil capsule that you were going to take out of your shirt pocket before doing so.  Your laundry will all smell like dried rotten fish for weeks if you don’t do that.

Just sayin’.

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