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Update:   May not post anything tonight.  As gently as I can put this, metaphorically, my toenails and my molars were two ships passing in the night.

I think I got some bad food.  Really bad food.

Gilbert Gottfried bad.


Just this morning, the Diane Rhem Show on NPR.  (driving to work after a dr appt)

This is not verbatim, but the content is there.

Female Guest #1:  I think it is a good thing having Supreme Court Justices on the bench like Sotomayor and Kagan – it’s beneficial to have a wide range of experience.

Diane Rhem:  I think there ought to be a few seats filled with people with no legal experience – no lawers or legal training.

Male Guest #2:  I think you’re absolutely right.  It should be someone like Al Franken who represents the populist vote.

I literally swerved on the highway as my jaw dropped.

Go read yesterday’s post for something to help you recover from that kind of mind-job.  I’m still shuddering.

I do wish they’d stop blathering on about how many cases Kagan has recused herself from. It’s not uncommon the first year.   It’s a non-issue issue.

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