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In the WashingtonExaminer there was a snip of a paragraph that so poignantly stated the reality… it was beautiful.  Emphasis mine:

Now, with a Democratic president and Congress, speakers can denounce Republicans all they want, but everyone knows who is running the U.S. government. That knowledge took a little of the edge off all those denunciations.  – Byron York – WashingtonExaminer


Torn between two stories to do next.

Death Ride with a Strange Drunk Woman
The Taternator: Stories of a Loosed Potato Cannon

Both stories are filled with glory, power, sex, money, and pork rinds.

No, that’s not true.  Pork rinds are about the only common element and only because I eat them often.

They have nothing in common other than an element of danger.  Getting out of bed in the morning has an element of danger so there’s not a huge degree of commonality.

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