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Forget the title above… it’s been changed.  Everything is in motion.

Here’s the second cut at a product graphic for Tenement-Lobster™ (Dr. Lemur’s, of course).

There was a sign on a barn some distance from where I growed up that had been around for as long as any could remember:  “Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets – for Your Liver“.  It always fascinated me how the old ads always had “Dr. (somethingorother)” in them.

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I’ve been throwing words out there fairly fast and I need to take a break from writing for a day or so.

Steamboat McGoo has been advertising my “Know your roach” t-shirts and found Joe Sixpack and Susie Homemaker on the street at large at least get a good laugh. And if that is as far as it went, I’d be happy.  Getting someone to laugh these days, or even smile… is a big deal.

But there’s another idea that has been around for some time – The Dude and I were part of something great years ago.  It was the birth/formulation of the idea that since cockroaches are near to lobster on the evolutionary chart (h/t to Alton Brown) why not use cockroach meat to make faux lobster?

Thus was born Mocktails™, Cock-Tails™, or TerraLobster™.  Different people have different ideas for the best name.

This is your chance to throw in your opinion for the name of such a product.

Here’s the poll for the day:

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