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Sorry Folks.

I am not asking for sympathy.  Just putting this in as a placeholder and letting you know why I’ve been scarce.  The nerves in my neck grew back.  Once they started sending signals again they set up shop, built roads, formed vibrant cities,  had small wars, entered brief periods of tranquility, have had large wars, erected skyscrapers, built satellites, started a space program, formed a body-wide telephone network into a thriving communications web with good information and lots of bad information, and yet generally pretty much have tried to destroy more than create, on balance.

So what was killed off to control pain is back and as big and bad as life.  I’m going to set up that radio-frequency procedure sooner than I’d planned – next month – and go for this week or next if I can pull it off.

I will see if I am up to finishing the Truck/Michigan/Silver d’Cat story tonight but I can’t make promises.

Cruel Wife asks me if I need anything yet tells me we’re fresh out anytime I ask for a suicide pill with a mild laxative side-effect.

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