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Neck Update

I’m feeling ornerier than a rattlesnake with shingles.

Best of times this is just really uncomfortable feeling-wise.  Worst of times?  Bluntly, it’s painful.  Could be worse.  Could be better.

So all in all it really could be worse.

I’m already sick of the drugs tho.  Being fuzzy is overrated.  It’s like the mental version of chemical castration.  Not that I know what chemical castration is like, but I suspect it leaves one feeling like something is missing and even tho the mind knows it must be so (rationally) you can’t quite nail it down by feel alone.   I did go w/o taking anything for a while yesterday to see how it would be and while I could do that, I don’t want to.

So, I’m around but just not feeling very interactive.  I’ll work on that attitude.

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