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How the Mighty have Fallen.

Update #2:  How come, if the diaper bomber incident last Christmas plays such a huge part in the latest Gropefest Security Theater exercise, it took eleven months to suddenly decide that we need to feel up everyone who isn’t a president or a congress-critter?

You’d think if it was so critical to safety they would have gotten on this sooner.  Something smells here.

Napolitano and Pistole (and Obama) say they’re open to discussing change in the policy but not over Thanksgiving.  One can only assume that they are going to do the standard Democrat maneuver just as they did on Health Care – which is to refuse change and hopefully wait out the detractors, saying “When you are less ignorant you’ll appreciate how wise we are.”


Update on the TSA thing:  This is exactly what I was planning on doing when going to Florida in January.

Wolanyk was arrested for refusing to complete the security process and for recording the incident on his iPhone, according to his attorney.

Yes, it is best to ensure that none of TSA’s behavior sees the light of day.  No recordings.


I caved.

I now have a Blackberry phone thingy. I’m a Luddite in research and aerospace and I now have a Blackberry.  The WiFi and bluetooth is just sweet.  Went to a coffee shop with the family and a friend of mine guided my surfing to show me a boat he wants to buy someday, maybe, if.

I absolutely love it.  It’s not always the easiest navigation to get to the customization stuff but overall I really really like it a lot.  Tenement Lobster is on my background for it already.

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