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Damn.  Leslie Nielsen dead at 84, visited by the old person’s friend.

I won’t call you Shirley but I will call you one hell of a lot of laughs.

Who can forget him looking up the ladder (and upskirt) at Priscilla Presley and uttering the famous words “Nice Beaver!”

And her, pulling down a real live dead one, saying “You like it?  I just had it stuffed!”

T-shirt... 80's Tees.


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Nothing new to write about but I ran across this article I had open in my browser but didn’t get around to reading.

Happy Genetically Modified Thanksgiving.

And The Comments.

I had some European friends who went on and on about GM foods and the evils therein.  What was not apparent to me was just how those foods were slowly killing me.

As I walk through the grocery store and witness representative examples of celery from “organic” vs. “non-organic” (???) sources, without exception the stuff outside of the organic display is healthier looking, larger, and cheaper.

Every argument had fear oozing from it, yet none of the arguments got any closer than saying “We just don’t know what these things will do to us.”

Is that the best argument there is?

Who here thinks drinking gasoline is a good idea?

Ok, how about tobacco?

How about carbon tetrachloride, arsenic, asbestos, and DMSO mixed with trace amounts of pesticides?  Fen-phen?

All those things are recognized as being bad for you because… they are.

But genetically modified food?  If we stop using the expression “Frankenfood” and actually try to point to the stacked up bodies of people who have keeled over, do we come up with much?  There’s warnings all over gasoline, model cement, methylene chloride, lead, mercury, and methanol.  Pretty obvious in those cases.

Meanwhile there have been cases of entire warehouses full of “genetically modified” corn remaining locked up  in the midst of starving countries because of the dangers they present.

I’d be willing to bet though that the people starving to death would rather take their chances.

How about DDT?  The actual arguments made against it were not as rigorous as you’d hope they’d be (far from conclusive) and yet it has been banned worldwide.  The results?  Millions upon millions of people have died of malaria.

Note:  If you are interested in the DDT debate but fall on the opposite side of the fence, go read this article first, then politely initiate a dialogue.  Nasty treatment will get you banned faster than a liberal can whip out someone else’s checkbook.

Pretty safe bet that those people would have appreciated a little more DDT in their environment, too.

Would I eat a bunny-rabbit that had jellyfish genes spliced into it’s DNA so it glowed in the dark in an eerie green fashion?

Oh hell yes.  I’ll barbecue it’s green-glowy ass in molasses.

What about the hybrid of a turkey, a jellyfish, and an ass?  Would you vote him for president?  Oops.  Guess we already did that.  Europe and the liberals here in the US loved that.

(yes, that’s a cheap parting shot)

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