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A New Plug.

Update:  I’ve recently argued that if women ruled the world there would be a lot less high-risk stuff done (Panama Canal, Boulder Dam, rail guns, etc.) but I have to say there’d also be a lot less stuff like these… jet powered… well, everything. Totally ridonkulous, IMHO, because they didn’t include a tiny go-kart version of a jetboat.


Another plug for Stephan Pastis – may people give his books as gifts this Christmas until supplies just plain run out.  There’s this endearing quality to his work.  There’s less meanness in it even though Rat is evil and the crocs want to eat everyone – especially “Zeeba” (they can’t pronounce “Zebra”).

Cruel Wife says I am Rat because of my sarcasm.  And I did a Goat once where I raved about cordless shades like the ones shown.  What can I say?  I’m complicated.


Why do so many First Ladies feel the need to horn in on the President’s job?  Cruel Wife feels no need to jump in where I work.  Nor would anyone give her the time of day because they hired me, not her.  As it should be.  Her company isn’t interested in me, either.

Military leaders … tell us that when more than one in four young people are unqualified for military service because of their weight,” the first lady says in the prepared remarks, “childhood obesity isn’t just a public health threat, it’s not just an economic threat, it’s a national security threat as well.   – Michell Obama, telling us how it is

Can you gimme hallellujah?

But when our kids spend so much of their time each day in school, and when many children get up to half their daily calories from school meals, it’s clear that we as a nation have a responsibility to meet as well. We can’t just leave it up to the parents.  – Michelle Obama, taking our responsibility upon herself, unasked for

Actually you should leave it up to the parents – that’s why parents are supposed to be involved in local schools.  We don’t need you, Michelle, just butt out.


Supposedly Global Warming leads to colder winters.  With that statement in mind, read the following from the Christian Science Monitor:

Last winter, the US reported snow coverage in nearly all 50 states in December. That anomaly led to unusual January freezes in the South and several “Snowmageddon” events in the mid-Atlantic, all of which Accuweather meteoreologist Joe Bastardi likened to “the great winters of the ’60s and ’70s.”

Mr. Bastardi predicted earlier this fall that the East Coast will “be granted a reprieve” from the kind of major storms that buffeted the region last winter. In fact, he noted that a fast start to winter in the East could lead to a major thaw in January.

Meteorologists have also predicted greater-than-normal swings between the season’s coldest and hottest days, creating what Mr. Bastardi dubbed “The Wintry Battle Zone.”

But the pre-Christmas “snow blitz” in the upper Midwest, added to the near-zero wind chills in the South, continue to confound atmospheric scientists like Mr. Martin, who is not keen to make a call on how the Winter of 2011 will pan out.

“Given our level of ignorance about what’s going on, we don’t want to compound that with a level of arrogance by saying we know what’s going to happen in a month,” he says.

If we don’t want a certain level of arrogance associated with claiming that we know what will happen in a month, how are we able to predict dire circumstances as a result of AGW?

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Stormy stuff.

Took Cruel Wife 3 hours to drive home tonight.  I went to get the kids (took today off because I had more than enough hours worked last week) and it was cold and icy.  Really cold.  Really icy.

So anyway, it sucked.  I won’t go into all the reasons why.  Just take my word for it, it did.

Global warming is making Michigan a really damned cold place.  Make sense of that, willya?

Pearls Before Swine is a favorite comic of mine.  Pig and Rat just make me happy.  I’m putting this strip in to make a plug for Pastis.  May his readership swell.

Pig is my Hero.

Heroes should not be necessarily brave, or strong, or demi-god-like.  Heroes should have one requirement and that is that they must be steadfast.  Pig is steadfast and loyal to a fault – flying in the face of the Nobel committee.  Good for him.


The Daily News…

Angry that his teenage daughter was dating an older man, a German dad went to the 57-year-old’s home and castrated him with a bread knife, police said.

Helmut Seifert, originally from Russia, recently pled guilty to attacking Phillip Genscher, according to London’s Telegraph.

Good for you, man!  I… uh… I mean… that’s horrible!   He castrated the poor… no, I meant what I said, good on you, Helmut.

I saw it as my duty as a father. – Helmut Seifert

How can we contribute to his defense fund?


Punish the leaker, not the papers…?  WTF?

Punish the leakers, spare the press: WikiLeaks ushers in scary new age of journalism

There is a huge difference between freedom of the press and breaking the law.  I don’t know how journalism was able to get away with granting itself protection from the law but it’s not right.  You can’t claim that just because the other guy broke into an ATM and threw money in the street that you aren’t breaking the law when you pocket that money.

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