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The Things that I Drink.

Cruel Wife just popped her finger.  It won’t straighten out.  Just the tip of her left ring finger.

It’s not serious in a bad way but it’s serious enough that she can’t rub my feet, and that has me concerned.

If she still can’t rub my feet in a week I’ll insist that she sees a doctor.  It gets serious like that and it’s no laughing matter.

If my feet get all crampy it’ll mess with my sleep.


I am a ‘holic.

Specifically a tonic-aholic.  I love quinine.  I drink a liter a day of tonic water at room temperature.  No lime.  Gets in the way of the flavor.  Midnight every night is the time when I crack the seal slowly and let the overpressure bleed off in little bits.  I savor the moment and my saliva glands go into overdrive like crazed Pavlovian canines.

Another weakness is eggnog.  Now here is another example where the weakness for the flavors started when I was adding booze to them in copious quantities but now I just love them for the taste.

I’m sure that if I had started back when I was drinking vodka I’d now be tossing down highball glasses full of the juice from freshly crushed bunnies or something like that.  But I never started knocking back crushed bunnies back then so it isn’t a habit of mine now.  But I did toss back a fair number of Bloody Mary drinks and so Spicy V-8 is still a favorite.

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