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The doc said that she has what is called mallet finger.

This is a hand actor shown, not Cruel Wife's actual hand.

It’s been a good thing that it isn’t hurting her all that much but it’s a bad thing that for four to six weeks she can’t bend that sucker or it’s going to undo any healing.

This really screws up any chance of a foot-rub.

Aggie… relax, she knows I don’t mean it about the foot thing.  Back when she was preggers I ran into the room to spritz her with water to “keep her wet until we could get her back in the water”, so it’s not unexpected that she’s not bent out of shape about this, either.

If she thought I meant all the terrible things I say… I’d be a dead man.


Yep, she popped her finger good.

She still can’t straighten the tip of her finger out and there’s a knot about halfway between the last joint and the next.

Told her that she’d “better get down to an urgent care and have it seen to sooner rather than later – you don’t want to be sidelined for very long, because my feet need rubbing.”

So that’s where she’s at now.

Worried that she may have busted a tendon.  When she tries to straighten it out she says there’s none of that tension on the back of the finger that you normally feel.  If I remember it right, ligaments hold bones together and tendons connect muscle to bones, so it’s not a great sign.

This is going to be a real hardship since my mistress doesn’t like to rub feet.

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