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In the interim…

Until tonight’s GrovelBlog, a link to Angry Harry’s site where, apparently, Harry is quite Angry.

See, I was looking for the source of a quote I saw over this babe’s desk years ago (she was a femi-nazi):  A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

Now.  Isn’t…  That…  Cute?

Actually, no, it was pretty damned snotty and bitchy, but hey.  Like a babe needs my respect?

[That was purposely designed to be offensive.  If you know me you should know that I don’t actually think like that.  I just say that sort of thing to get a rise out of babes.]

So searching in the webiverse, I came across Angry Harry, who we have already determined, is Angry.

Angry Harry goes a bit beyond my threshold.

Oh well, this was a good five-minute diversion for you, wasn’t it?  Stay tuned for tonight’s GrovelBlog!



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