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I May Wet Myself…


What is this quote from?  (no google-peeking)

When I was a little kid my mother told me not to stare into the sun. So once when I was six, I did.


YEARS after launch, it is almost time…

December 7, 2010

One Hundred Days until Mercury Orbit Insertion

One hundred days from now, MESSENGER will execute a 15-minute maneuver that will place the spacecraft into orbit about Mercury, making it the first craft ever to do so, and initiating a one-year science campaign to understand the innermost planet. It has already been 14 years since this mission was first proposed to NASA, more than 10 years since the project officially began, and over six years since the spacecraft was launched.   – JHU’s MESSENGER Website

So it’s been traveling since August 3, 2004 and now finally, in 2010 it’s only 100 days away.  At this time… 4.7 BILLION miles.  That’s a long ways without bathroom breaks.

Just the astrophysicist’s work in plotting the course that has been so dead-nuts on that he’s gotten awards for it is amazing, but the whole darned thing is cool.  It won’t be cool while it’s in a polar orbit around Mercury for a year, though.  It’ll be hot.  Damned hot.

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In the last week Cruel Wife has allowed me to spend saved money.   A HiDef monitor, a 1 TB hard drive, a Canon EOS Rebel T1i camera, and soon… very soon… Photoshop CS5 Extended.  Oh the things I’ll be able to do.

That is, when I stop injuring myself.  Last night I steamed my right thumb with steam escaping a plastic covered bowl of nuked green beans.

Tonight I picked up a half-full pot that had been on the stove.   The handle was very hot  where it stuck into the vents for the oven down below.  When I went to go get it I did so w/o mitts.  Pinky, ring, and middlefinger all smart like the beejezus and match my right thumb.  These were worse – contact burns down to the second knuckle.   Mmmm-hmmmmm.

Thank God for WaterGel™, is all I have to say.

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Well that was uplifting.

Update #2:  I love veggies.  Steamed but crunchy.

I got exactly what I was looking for tonight.  Steamed and crunchy!

Except it was my thumb.  I was the perfect example for my kids of what not to do.  Much like years ago when my dad was cutting a tough roast and slipped on the platter, driving the knife through his wrist.  One does not pull the blade out unless one is… well, one just doesn’t do it.  He turned pale and sat down hard.

Me, I stared at my hand in shock after pulling the plastic off the microwaved bowl of veggies.  I knew what I’d done and then I felt it, and immediately punched a wall.   No, it did not help.  Water-gel burn cream helps but not for a few hours.

It doesn’t actually look that bad but I’ll bet in a few days that sucker peels like a scalded hog.


Update – I am at work and taking a five minute break:

James Delingpole over at Telegraph.co.uk

Then the scientist issued a cut-out-and-keep guide of Signs That Show Man Made Global Warming Is Definitely Still Happening And That Cancun Won’t Be An Almighty Flop.

1. Warm weather

2. Cold weather

3. In-between weather.

4. Dark skies at night

5. Light skies in the morning

6. An unpleasant moist/damp/wet sensation when it rains

7. Ice appearing when the temperature drops below zero

8. Clouds rolling across sky in all sorts of funny shapes, some days like cotton wool, other days in streaks, and on some days not there at all.

9. Ursine subarboreal toilet activity

10. Strong new evidence of ultramontane sympathies at the Vatican


In case you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been waiting still for nerves in my neck to die.  It’s hard to care about blogging when you don’t feel so hot and graphics are not easy to do on painkillers.  What a waste of three weeks.

Anyway, I just got done with “The Road”.

Sure, it was probably bordering on high art.  It was grey, bleak, post-apocalyptic, didn’t really show that many gleaming examples of humanity.  The photography was breathtakingly lifeless and was done with top-notch professional-quality.  Viggo and the lead kid who plays his son, their acting was impeccable.

But I hated it.

No one forced me to watch it but I still finished it, hoping for a glimmer of hope.  Let’s just say that the worst possible thing didn’t exactly happen but I’ll say this:

They’re all gonna die.  Sooner rather than later, I’m sure.

That’s it.  One hour and 45 minutes of my life that I won’t get back again.

It’s worse than a SyFy movie because at least then you get T&A, however bad the acting.

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