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You should be afraid.

Napolitano and her tendrils of control are reaching out for you.  You already can’t buy the Drixoral ™ that was tried and true, because your gov’t has decided to protect you from criminals by criminalizing your freedoms, and now… they’re going to track anydamnthing they want.  Special.  Super.  I understand that nitrates can be used as fertilizer or explosives, but I’m deeply concerned about the tendril thing.  Tendrils scare me more than bombs, in all honesty.  Bombs don’t etch into our freedoms with weedlike persistence like government agencies do.

Napolitano thinks that Israeli tactics to airport security won’t scale?  It will if you profile, like any thinking human being would.

Can’t wait until we get a new president – one who actually believes in the Constitution and that the police/nanny state is not the answer.  What next?  Cameras everywhere like in Britain?

Two more years to the next election… well, we’re 50% of the way there, right?

I’d post a graphic but I’m on a laptop and I have no interest in GIMP’ing on it – or Inkscaping – and my CS5 is on my home computer.

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Florida.  I’m in Florida.

Business travel and meeting so many intelligent people that I feel pretty seriously out of my league.  Not to sound arrogant but I’m not used to feeling acutely that I am quite possibly the slowest person in the room.

Pretty sharp people running around in aerospace is all I can say.  It’d take too long to describe and I’m tired from listening to hours and hours of heavy-duty science papers being presented.

But I’m learning lots, too.  Purty inventive minds out there.

I’m still whupped from traveling so I’ll post something useful tomorrow.

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