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By the way, meant to post this right around Christmas.  Doesn’t this look awesome?

It needs no caption.

Ok, no.  It was gross.  It was worse than gross.  Drinking every last drop took a lot of willpower.  I refuse to waste Red Bull ™ .


My well-wishes go out to Congresswoman Gifford and her family and all the other shooting victims.

Her father was asked if she had any enemies.

Ms Giffords’s father Spencer, 75, wept when asked if his daughter had any enemies. ‘Yeah,’ he said. ‘The whole Tea Party’ – the Right wing of the Republican Party.

I’d really appreciate it, however, if people would stop demonizing the Tea Party.  If some perspective would be looked for, it could clearly be seen that a Tea Party member is by and large very concerned for his or her country and doesn’t condone shooting of politicians.

Second misconception is that a Tea Party member by definition identifies themselves as Republican.  Not even close, bud.  I’m a Federalist/Libertarian.  Frankly the Republican Party makes jellyfish and sea-cucumbers look as if they were bedrock and full of resolve.  Until they prove different, I’m going to continue to consider the Republican Party a bunch of Melvins.  Reading the Constitution was an awesome first step but the journey of a thousand miles starts with but a single step.  Keep going and maybe down the road I’ll be impressed but I’ll always be a constitutional constructionist, regardless.

Yes, this guy is upset, and I understand that as a father, but you don’t really say things in times of stress or drunk that you don’t feel normally – sorry but it doesn’t happen.

It’s still more evidence that the liberal side of the equation doesn’t understand the Tea Party any more than the average Republican.

As for the gunman, Jared Loughner, well, he’ll either get help he needs or be locked up, preferably both.  If he had a problem with her he should have addressed his problem with her.

Here’s how I look at it – if someone wants to shoot me, ok, it should start and end there.  But if he shoots me and then goes after innocent people around me, well, put him down like a rabid dog.  This guy killed a 9 year old girl.  Inexcusable.

Good luck, Mrs. Giffords and the others that were shot.  True Tea Party members care and would never rejoice in what has happened.

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